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10 Things to Consider Before Getting Rid of Your Scrap Vehicle

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How should I scrap my car? How should I get rid of my scrap vehicle? All such questions might be bothering you. Maybe that is why you’re here. Well, we assure you that all your worries will disappear into thin air. Not everyone knows how to deal with a scrap vehicle. People prefer going to a garage for any repairs or maintenance work of their cars. When a scrap vehicle becomes unuseful, the owner may try to sell car for scrap. Nothing is wrong in doing so. Who would not like to make money from a scrap car that does not serve the purpose? But the main concern here is knowing if you’re making the right choice. 

Before you sell car for scrap, some important aspects should be taken care of. To get a fair idea of what needs to be done, read this article. If you want to sell car for scrap and are looking for a guide, you’ve run into the right platform and the right people. Together, let’s unravel the facts that will help you deal with your scrap vehicle better. 

10 Important Aspects to Consider for Your Scrap Vehicle – Before Scrapping 

We believe that you have made up your mind to sell car for scrap. You would have also heard from others that you can get money for your scrap vehicle. Yes, it’s true. But to get the best scrap prices in India, you will need to find a reliable scrap car dealer. While you’re on this hunt of finding scrap car buyers in India, you can do the following.

1] Empty Your Scrap Vehicle, Remove the Personal Possessions (Belongings)

Usually, we get habitual to keeping our personal belongings inside the car. It becomes like our second home. We sometimes forget those important documents, jewelry pieces, and other personal stuff for days, weeks, or even months. It’s not even puzzling that we tend to find the lost things inside the car storage parts. 

No one would want to leave such things inside before selling their car to a scrap car dealer, right? That is why you must ensure that your scrap vehicle is combed thoroughly and all the important belongings are gathered. At times you may think that you no longer need some documents. You may consider leaving it in your scrap vehicle. However, do not leave any personal belongings. We repeat NEVER. Why? Well, if any important document is left behind and falls into the wrong hands, it could lead to identity theft. 

To make your work less complicated, we are listing a few places you can check before you sell car for scrap to a scrap car dealer. Have a look yourself.

– Glove Compartment, Door Pockets

– Overhead Console, Center Console, Rear Seat Console

– Under and between the Seats, Floor Mats

– Inside the Trunk, in between Cracks (if any)

– Other Storage Areas like – the Dashboard, Rear Deck, Armrests, Cargo Area, etc

2] Detach the Valuable Parts of Your Scrap Vehicle

When you sell car for scrap, the value that you get depends on the weight of your scrap vehicle. People who know this think that the best choice is to sell their car to scrap car buyers as it is. But, we would like to burst the bubble and tell you something crucial. Many times, some parts of your car are more valuable than you think. When you research well, you will be able to recognize the true worth of such parts. If you sell them, you may get more money than the scrap car buyers would generally offer.

To remove the parts of your scrap vehicle, you can seek help from a car mechanic. If you can do it yourself, you will definitely save money. However, be extra careful while dealing with the parts of your car. To save a few bucks, don’t put yourself in danger. A few parts that can fetch you a good amount are listed below.

– Alternators, Starter Motors, Catalytic Converter 

– Entertainment and Electronic Systems

– Tires, Alloy Wheels, Battery

– Gas Tank (remove the fuel, use it in other vehicle or store it in a tight container for future use)

– Other High-Value Parts

If you find this job challenging and time-consuming, the best way forward is to sell car for scrap to Scrap Yard India.

3] Research and Get Familiar with the Process of Selling Scrap Car for Cash

When the thought – should I scrap my car comes to your mind, always keep it in. Before you sell car for scrap, always do thorough research. Get to know about the legal process. Many people fall into the trap of illegal scrap car buyers and end up having a bad experience. Once you get more information, you will get acquainted with facts that will help you crack a good deal. Trust us, the best way to earn some easy cash is by selling your scrap vehicle to registered scrap car buyers. 

We know that your busy schedule would make you reluctant. You would not want to put in time and effort to do thorough research. This is where our team can be your savior. To know it all, you can contact our experts, and they will explain things and answer your queries. Just think, wouldn’t it be the best way to save your precious time!

4] Find a Reliable, Licensed Scrap Car Dealer

Surprisingly, many illegal junk dealers may seem genuine at first. There is no doubt that you will get the money for your scrap vehicle. However, such dealers do not ensure that your scrap vehicle lands in a safe place. Your car could possibly be used for illegal activities, and you’ll be held responsible as the registration is under your name. 

To avoid such scenarios, the best way forward is to find a reliable, licensed scrap car dealer. Every dealer will offer different scrap car prices. So, it would be best if you explore your options and only sell car for scrap at the highest value. If you don’t want to go down that road, use our Free 30 Second Used Car Value Calculator. We have made the process of old car selling very simple. Within a few clicks, you will get the best scrap prices in India. 

Also, we will connect you only with licensed and registered vehicle scrapping facilities in India. This will ensure that your scrap vehicle lands in safe hands and rests in peace. 

5] Arrange Your Scrap Vehicle’s Documents 

Some scrap car buyers may accept your scrap vehicle without proper documentation. There is no doubt your work will get easier. But our experts advise otherwise. It will help if you deal with scrap car buyers who demand to have your car’s paperwork in place. With documents arranged in advance, you will be able to quickly transfer your car’s ownership to the scrap car dealer. An additional benefit is that if your scrap vehicle gets stolen before scrapping, you won’t be held responsible. The dealer will have to take care of the theft investigation and other formalities.

Do not forget to have the car title replaced. Visit the concerned authorities and seek help in gaining the required documentation. 

6] Ensure to Cancel Your Scrap Vehicle’s Insurance

This step is really crucial if you have made up your mind to sell car for scrap. When you cancel your car’s insurance, you won’t have to worry about the recurring payments until the policy expires. In cases where the car owner has prepaid full coverage, they will be liable to get a refund. Even if you know that your coverage is almost up, consider informing the insurance company to avoid complications in the future. Also, such a gesture will help you maintain a good reputation with the insurance company and avail you of future discounts, offers, etc.

7] Remove the License Plate Without Fail

You may think that your license plate will anyways be crushed in the scrapping process. There is no need to take it off. However, some states make it mandatory to remove the license plate. It may be required to complete some necessary procedures. So please remove the license plate without fail – to be on the safer side.

8] Get Rid of the Non-Metal Components of Your Scrap Vehicle

When it comes to old car selling, you will get various deals. Some scrap car buyers would purchase your scrap vehicle as it is. At the same time, some may demand that the non-metal components should be removed. To do this, seek help from a local mechanic. You may think that this will cost you more money. But, look on the brighter side – you can sell the striped non-metal components and make easy money. 

Scrap Yard India never put such demands forth. So please choose us and be rest assured of an effortless vehicle scrapping experience. 

9] Check if the Weighing Scale is Certified 

By now, you know that scrap car prices depend on the weight of your junk car. So it is crucial to ensure that the scrap car dealer you are connected with uses only the Certified Weighing Scale. Some scrap car buyers still use faulty/tampered weighing scales. This will directly affect the price you fetch for your scrap vehicle. You may not receive the value that your car truly deserves. However, if you choose a reliable, licensed scrap car dealer, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting cheated or offered less money.

10] Crack a Deal that Provides You with the Best Scrap Car Prices

Not every scrap car dealer will provide you with the best price for your scrap vehicle. Scrap car prices keep on fluctuating depending on geographical as well as other factors. So you will need to research a little and find the current scrap car prices in your region. This will help you be a step ahead and help you crack a great deal that offers great value. 

Above is a checklist of what should be done before you sell your scrap vehicle. We know that your busy schedule won’t spare you much time to do research, find the right dealer, sort the paperwork, and so on. Well, let us tell you that our team will take care of everything. Yes, you read that right. We will sort everything for you and make the old car selling process smooth and hassle-free. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will handle the rest.

How can Scrap Yard India Help?

If you ever wonder – should I scrap my car, you should definitely do it. Scrap Yard India will be your helping hand. Our team will guide you throughout – from the beginning to the end. We take care of every legal aspect, ensure that your paperwork is in order, and then proceed with the scrapping process. Once the process gets completed, we avail you of the required documents. 

All of this will be done online. So you need not worry about sparing time from your day-to-day schedules. You will also get to know the real-time status of your scrap vehicle anytime from anywhere. To fetch the best scrap car prices in India, you should use our Used Car Value Calculator

Come and experience the best way of old car selling with Scrap Yard India. Contact SYI’s team today and say goodbye to your beloved old car.

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!!!


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