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Commercial Car Recycling in Delhi – The Experience of an Avid Environmentalist

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Scrap Yard India has been doing every bit to let mother nature be at peace. All of this wouldn’t be a success without the significant contribution of our heroes – our customers. People didn’t take car recycling in Delhi seriously until a few years ago. However, today’s scenario has turned the tables around. We believe in keeping fellow citizens of India informed about various aspects of dealing with a scrap vehicle. So, from time to time, our team has put effort into making people aware of the benefits of car recycling, scrapping, and other processes. 

It’s said that even a small effort can give unexpected yet exceptional results. We firmly believe this because recently, something amazing happened at SYI. We are here to talk about the same. Some of our articles have already highlighted the experience of individuals who chose to get their scrap vehicle recycled and scrapped with us. Today’s story is a little different. It’s about an avid environmentalist who owns a fleet of commercial vehicles in Delhi. 

We haven’t talked much about the commercial car recycling and scrapping process. So the instant thought that came into our mind after this encounter was to shed more light on such an important topic. We’re delighted to share the real-life experience of commercial car recycling in Delhi. Take a quick read to know about it all – in the words of our hero – Mr. Harsimrat Bhasin.

Mr. Harsimrat’s Real Life Experience of Commercial Car Recycling in Delhi 

The team at SYI got in touch with Mr. Harsimrat after he gave positive feedback on getting the commercial car recycling process completed. He was made aware that what he says will be used to educate the readers about commercial car recycling in Delhi. With sheer enthusiasm, he helped us with honest answers. Here is his experience – in his own words!

I am the owner of fleet commercial vehicles in Delhi. Earlier, if I had a scrap vehicle, my instant approach was to keep it running with a few repairs here and there. A while ago, I discovered that a scrap vehicle could harm the environment in many ways. All the credit goes to my younger daughter. She is a part of the Science group in her school that focuses on educating people about the environmental crisis. After this eye-opening incident, I decided to deal with junk commercial vehicles differently. Rather than stretching the usage of a scrap vehicle, I started selling them to a local junk dealer. I wasn’t very satisfied as there would be risks involved. Old car selling didn’t fetch me a desirable amount, but I was happy that I was at least doing my part to protect Mother Earth. 

When the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy was announced, I had got a rough idea about the process. The fact that one can get appealing incentives made me more curious. I had read a few articles, but those reflected the benefits of scrapping and recycling a private vehicle. I didn’t find relevant information on how commercial car recycling in Delhi works. Some days back, a friend of mine came to meet me. While discussing business, the topic of dealing with scrap vehicles came up. I told him about the problem that I was facing. On hearing it all, he said he had the solution that would please me. 

My friend advised me to seek help from a trusted scrap car dealer in Delhi. On enquiring more, I got to know that such organizations deal with scrap vehicles legally. He also revealed that he got his junk car scrapped and recycled with a scrap car dealer in Delhi. Told me that the process was quite easy, and he was satisfied with Scrap Yard India’s professional service. He sounded very confident about me liking SYI. I asked him how he was sure, but he gave no clue. He just said one thing – go to their website, contact them, and you will find the answers. 

At first, I did thorough research about the registered organizations that deal with commercial scrap vehicles in Delhi. In the end, I settled for SYI. Some prominent reasons that influenced my decision are mentioned below. You can have a look!

– SYI is a scrap car dealer that is present in almost all the corners of India.

– It means that people in any part of the nation need not worry about getting their scrap vehicle transported to their facilities.

– SYI is one of a kind scrap car dealer in Delhi as their processes are very transparent.

– They abide by all the legal formalities concerning the commercial car recycling and scrapping processes.

– They use only top-grade certified machinery.

– Their team helps you connect with the authorized commercial car recycling centers all across India.

– The process of old car selling in Delhi with their help is simple, easy, and effortless.

– Their “Free 30-second Tool” is amazing. In a few clicks, it helps you to know the right price that your commercial scrap vehicle truly deserves. 

– Their website has FAQs that answer some important questions related to your scrap vehicle.

– The team at SYI is always available to solve even the slightest doubts you have. 

This is not all. The thing that impressed me the most is their love for the environment. When I got on a call with one of their associates, I had many doubts. Without hesitating or getting irritated, the person on call explained every bit to me. At last, I asked them if their processes are environment-friendly and if they take responsibility to keep nature free of the possible dangers. He advised me not to worry about those concerns as their entire team has always focused on making the earth a better place. Many of their articles aim to educate people about how their scrap vehicles can affect the environment rigorously. They also follow the environmental laws and strict guidelines laid by the official bodies in India.

Hearing it all made my decision firm. I realized why my friend said that I would like SYI for sure. It’s because they care for nature as I do. Their team helped me get rid of the commercial scrap vehicles that were hovering over my head like a burden. I was kept informed about every stage – from beginning to end. I never had to ask for information as it was provided to me from their end without fail. Never would I have imagined that old car selling could be such an easy task. I am glad that I found SYI – a reliable scrap car dealer in Delhi. 

SYI gave me an amazing experience, and I do not intend to find any other commercial scrap car dealer in Delhi. In fact, I will make sure that I refer them to my friends, colleagues, and other businesses who are in the same line as mine. I thank the entire team at SYI now and will keep doing in the future. 

A message that I would like to give you all is – 

If you want to choose a reliable commercial scrap car in Delhi, choose SYI.  

Kudos to their professional service and support!!

About Scrap Yard India

SYI is a Doctor for your scrap vehicle. Like Doctors save the patients, we save your unuseful car and prevent it from harming nature. Treating private and commercial junk vehicles is how we take care of your travel companion. From car scrapping to car recycling in Delhi, we do it all. You need not worry if you have someone who wants to scrap their vehicle outside Delhi. We are present in almost all the corners of India.

Our experts keep studying the market and found out that many people have trouble dealing with their non-functional vehicles. Hence, we have made the process of old car valuation and old car selling very easy on our platform. We accept your scrap vehicle even if it is in the worst condition. The value that you get is determined by our “Free 30 second Old Car Valuation” tool. Hence, there is no chance of anything unfair happening with you or your scrap vehicle.

We extend our hand to help you deal with your scrap vehicle. Come be a hero like Mr. Harsimrat and do a good deed to save mother nature. Contact our experts today to get your queries resolved. We are ALWAYS available to provide impeccable service to our precious customers. 

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!!!


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