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Everything You Ever Wanted to Understand about the Machinery Required for Scrap Car Recycling Business in India

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The Scrap Car Recycling / Car Scrapping business has gained momentum after the official statement released by the Government of India recently. The much-awaited New Vehicle Scrappage Policy is finally in place and will also benefit the automotive industry in the coming years. In a nation like India, if Metal Recycling is done the right way, then our dependency on foreign countries will subsequently reduce. All such efforts will undoubtedly pave the way for a Circular Economy – it will be like another stepping stone and a dream come true.

If you are a Scrap Car Dealer or want to establish a business in this line, hit the iron while it’s still hot. Grab the opportunity as the future of this industry is booming, and the clock is ticking. To scrap a vehicle, you must be aware of many aspects. One of those factors is – knowing the right machinery that should be used for Scrap Car Recycling. Do not worry if you’re new to the industry or not aware of some things. Team SYI is here at your rescue and is willing to guide you step by step. 

Some Common Questions – Scrap Car Recycling / Car Scrapping Business in India 

Before we begin, it would be wise for us and helpful for you to get some answers. Having questions always shows one’s zeal to learn more. Knowing the solutions further helps one gain confidence. We understand such genuine concerns and are here to answer some of the common questions related to the Scrap Car Recycling / Car Scrapping Business in India.

Q: Is the Scrap Car Recycling business profitable in India?

A: Earlier, the Scrap Vehicle industry was not so organized in India. However, the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy has turned the wheels around. The future of the Scrap Car Recycling business will definitely bloom in India in the coming years. So being a Scrap Car Dealer, earning profits won’t be a difficult task.

Q: Can a Scrap Car Dealer operate his Scrap Car Recycling business with equipment of any kind?

A: Having “Certified” equipment for running a Scrap Car Recycling business is utterly important. As per various laws set by the legal bodies of different countries, it is essential to use certified equipment.

Q: Can Scrap Car Recycling be done at any place/area? 

A: Metal Recycling is a process that needs to be carried out with utmost care, safety, and guidance. In India, only the AVSFs (Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facilities) are permitted to do so. An AVSF complies with all the required laws as they have authorization of operation from the legal bodies in India.

Q: Can a Scrap Car Dealer import the machinery required for Scrap Car Recycling / Metal Recycling from foreign countries?

A: Yes, that’s absolutely possible. But it’s the duty of a Scrap Car Dealer / Authorized facility to ensure that they have a trusted resource to buy machinery. Awareness will help one escape from machinery scams.

Q: Is there any trusted resource in India that can help you get the best grade Scrap Car Recycling Machinery?

A: Scrap Yard India has been highly trusted by the people associated with them. The team at SYI will connect you to the best resources and help you lay hands on the best grade machinery for metal recycling. All you require to do is get in touch with them!

Since you have the basic clarity of how things function, let’s proceed and uncover the range of machinery required for Scrap Metal Recycling in India.

Type of Machinery – Scrap Car Recycling / Car Scrapping Business in India

Here is the complete range of Scrap Vehicle Recycling equipment that will help you meet the requirements for the Metal Recycling process. 

1] ELV Depollution Machinery

Any Scrap Vehicle will definitely contain liquids like Diesel, Petrol, Waste Oil, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Screenwash, etc. To properly treat such fluids, in addition to taking care of UREA and LPG, different tools are required. The equipment under this category can be used either independently or with other systems/plants. For each kind of liquid, different devices are available for draining and other purposes. Some of them are listed below –

  • Draining Platform
  • Coolant Suction
  • Drum Bund
  • Diesel Scavenger
  • Fuel Scavenger
  • Fuel Cleaner, etc

Most of the equipment is adjustable and can be relocated from one place to another. However, where fixed installations are required, they can be tailor-made. But always remember that they are permanently mounted.

2] ELV Derisking Machinery

Metal recycling and dealing with hazardous waste is not just any other easy job. It comes with huge responsibilities. Derisking Machinery helps in handling the most critical job with safety and perfection. They are designed to ensure that there is a safe working environment for humans with additional care of saving mother nature. The machinery under this category can be used to defuse electric devices like Pre-tensioners, Air Bars, and even Catalytic Converters. Some of the tools/equipment that make the dismantling process easier are listed below – 

  • Air Bag Tool
  • Air Conditioning Gas Checker
  • Autoshear | Catalytic Shear
  • GlassPopper
  • WheelPopper
  • Sump Buster, etc

Always remember that cutting and removal of risky parts from a scrap vehicle need utmost safety and precautions. So, take care of the people assigned to carry out different activities. Safety gear will be the best option to deal with dangerous activities.

3] ELV Dismantling Machinery

Dismantling a scrap vehicle without appropriate guidance and tools can harm humans as well as mother nature. Dismantling isn’t a process that is just related to getting the parts removed. Various other aspects need to be taken care of to deal with the hazardous fluids, gases, parts, etc. Additionally, many valuable recyclable resources are recovered at this stage. So, it becomes really essential to remove such parts completely. For professional dismantling of scrap vehicles, a variety of Storage Solutions, Cleaning and Handling Solutions, Tool Panel Systems are needed. Some of such equipment are listed below –  

  • Car Baler
  • Car Shredder
  • Oil Filter Crusher
  • Copper Wire Stripper
  • Contaminated Fuel Storage Tank
  • Petrol/Diesel Storage Tank, etc

You will need a complete range of solutions to recycle scrap parts, depending on the size of your business/operations.

4] Metal Recycling Machinery

One of the primary aims of Metal Recycling is to create a Circular Economy. Attaining this goal is a way forward to automate and make the junk vehicle scrapping process faster. Some of the essential metal recycling machinery is listed below – 

  • Balers – To compress all kinds of metals with utmost ease
  • Inclined Shears – To cut the longest and thickest parts without a hitch
  • Shear Balers – To cut, compress, shear long and bulky scrap smoothly
  • Shredder and Hammer Mill – To crush, reduce and separate any kind of mixed material effortlessly

For more in-depth inquiry / to get intricate details about Scrap Car Recycling Products, seek assistance from our Expert Team Members today!

How can Scrap Yard India help?

Scrap Yard India has been in this business line for quite a while now. In the journey, we have built a strong ground for ourselves and an army of expert, experienced, and reliable teammates. We believe in providing only the best solutions to our – Clients, Partners, and Customers. 

SYI is associated with one of the best Scrap Car Recycling Equipment providers. Depending on your requirement, we will get you – tailor-made, finest grade, long-lasting, robust performing machinery. We love to see people associated with us gain maximum profits. That is why we always aim to provide a source of the best quality products for the larger benefit to our clients. All the machines that we recommend are manufactured with international standards along with compilable certificates and marks.

If you’re new to the market, start your journey of setting up a successful Scrap Car Recycling Business with us. We are more than delighted to answer even the most minor queries and get you started on the right foot. 

Contact our Experts today for immediate guidance!

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!


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