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My Experience of Scrap Car Recycling in Hyderabad – Devraj Iyer

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Scrap Car Recycling has been the talk of the town since the government of India introduced its New Vehicle Scrappage Policy. India, being a vastly populated nation, has the potential to fulfill the requirement of prominent metals domestically. Great initiatives have already been put forth, and Scrap Yard India fully supports them. We believe that modern India will be self-sufficient and will achieve the goal of maximum scrap car recycling in the coming years. This zeal and dedication have yet again motivated us to share with you a real-life experience of one of our customers. 

This story is of Mr. Devraj Iyer from Hyderabad. He found us online and said that SYI was one of the best Scrap Car Buyers in Hyderabad. Such words definitely add to our joy. It gives our team an assurance that we are doing something right. 

What gives us more joy is sharing the experiences you can relate to and make the right decision. We don’t want you to just get convinced because we say so. Instead, we want you to genuinely trust us. Here is our small attempt at doing so……

Devraj Iyer’s Story of Scrap Car Recycling in Hyderabad with SYI

A namaste to all. I am Devraj Iyer, a resident of Hyderabad, India. I would like to thank the professional, hard-working team at SYI as they agreed to do what I told them. Recently, I got to scrap my car in Hyderabad with them, and the experience that I had was more than satisfying. So I persuaded them to help other people like me through my story. They were happy to hear my suggestion, and here I am today.

The Excitement and Memories

Seven years ago, when I started earning, I had bought a new car for myself. I still remember the excitement and thrill when I drove my car for the first time. In these years, I have built many precious memories. Every time I drove my car, my heart would fill with joy.

The Grief

All was going well until a few days ago. I had a bad accident but glad that I was not hurt much. The time this happened, everything seemed like slipping out of my hands. For a few days, I was in complete shock. When I started feeling a little normal, my attention was drawn to the first car I bought with my hard-earned money. 

I got saved, but sadly my car suffered multiple damages. At first, I tried talking to mechanics and searched online for a way to get it running on the road again. To my disappointment, there was nothing that could be done. 

The Solution

One of my colleagues told me that I could sell car for scrap in Hyderabad, and that will be the best way forward. I was not convinced instantly. But the thought – what should I do with my scrap vehicle was always lingering in my head. Finally, I decided to consider what my colleague said. I started searching online and got information on New Vehicle Scrappage Policy in India. I was still skeptical as those articles highlighted the benefits that scrap vehicle owners will get. I was unsure if my accident-prone car would be eligible for such benefits.

When I started digging more, I found that there are online scrap car buyers in Hyderabad who deal with accident-prone vehicles. I shortlisted a few of them, made a list, and went through their details. Finally, I decided to approach Scrap Yard India. What influenced my decision was their transparency and credibility.

The Guidance

The first question that I asked one of their executives on call was – can I really scrap my car in Hyderabad? It’s accident-prone. He said – Yes, Sir, we will inspect the condition of your vehicle and then proceed with the scrapping and car recycling process. I was told to provide a few basic details of my car, and he asked me to leave the rest of the things on his team. 

On the next call, another executive took me through the important details about what will happen to my scrap vehicle. They explained to me about the following – 

  • Stages that my vehicle will go through if I scrap my car in Hyderabad
  • Documents that were to be submitted online to sell car for scrap in Hyderabad
  • The process that they follow for scrap car recycling in Hyderabad
  • Assurance and proof that my scrap vehicle will be scrapped as per the strict environmental laws
  • My contribution – 
  1. a) To the environment through scientific dismantling and car recycling. 
  2. b) To the automobile industry by paving a way to treat the dangerous, rustic metal and producing useful metal for new automobiles
  • Told me that I will be given the Vehicle Scrapping Certificate and other important Receipts

Additionally, I was given a detailed explanation of how my car recycling process will be completed. They gave me all this information without me having to ask. This further strengthened my trust in them. I am not sure if any of the scrap car buyers in Hyderabad would do so. I am saying this because the information I got from them wasn’t there online. I had read many articles about how to scrap my car in Hyderabad, how to sell car for scrap in Hyderabad, and so on. Little did I know about car recycling and the significant contribution that scrap vehicle owners can make. My experience was a real eye-opener, and I felt like a responsible citizen of India with my decision to scrap my car.

The Happy Ending

Many of you must be thinking, how does your tiny contribution matter to a cause like scrap car recycling. I would like to say – even if it’s small, it still matters. Always remember that every drop in the ocean makes it mightier. Amongst other scrap car buyers in Hyderabad, if I would have chosen someone else, I wouldn’t be here with a changed mindset. I’m still in awe of the service that they provided. In the beginning, I thought that they would follow a protocol, ask for required documents and do the final handover. 

Their executives were really prompt and had enough knowledge of the scrap car recycling process in Hyderabad. I got answers for all the questions I kept asking when they explained things that I was unaware of. Their convincing power was really commendable. I still wonder if any of the scrap car buyers in Hyderabad would make an effort to change people’s minds. It’s not just for the sake of their profits. What I realized is Scrap Yard India’s motives are way beyond that. They care about people for sure, but they want to do more for mother nature. Otherwise, why would they put their precious time in pouring out the facts to their customers just like that! Just think!!

The fact that every word they said was true touched my heart. The service provided by their team members is plausible. I got the opportunity to sell car for scrap in Hyderabad, sitting at my home, treated like a king. I am really happy that I earned money in the process. However, I really feel proud that I made my contribution towards the environment and did the right thing to empower the automobile industry in India.

I know it doesn’t sound that heroic. But trust me, when you scrap your car with Scrap Yard India, you will know how I feel. Today, even if I don’t have the car that I adored with all my heart, it’s still a happy ending because it’s rusting in peace. Kudos to the entire team of Scrap Yard India!

How can Scrap Yard India be at Your Service?

It all seems worth it when our customers have a wonderful experience of scrapping their vehicles with us. The real credit goes to our executives who make this all possible. Our team believes that parting ways with their traveling companion doesn’t have to be painful for the vehicle owners. Instead of making them just aware of the positives on the table, we get them to contribute to a bigger cause. 

We will help you with every query related to your scrap vehicle in Hyderabad or anywhere in India. Questions are meant to be asked, and our expert team is always available for you. With us, get answers to questions like – should I scrap my car? Can I sell car for scrap in Hyderabad? How does scrap car recycling help you and benefit others? Will it be worth dealing with scrap car buyers in Hyderabad? 

Do not think anymore and contact us without thinking twice. We cater our services to people all across the nation. So come make a difference with Scrap Yard India. 

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!


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