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Scrap Car Prices – Evaluate Your Scrap Vehicle using Our “Used Car Value Calculator”

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Your Trash can help you earn Cash! Doesn’t that sound amazing? We believe that at some point, many of you would have given away the unuseful things to junk dealers for some amount of money in return. What if we tell you that – Now, doing the same with your scrap vehicle is possible. Yes, yes, You’ve read that absolutely right! There are various Scrap Car Buyers in the market, and Scrap Yard India has been a known name in this particular business. Scrap Car Prices depend on many factors, and we will make you aware of them as we proceed ahead. 

If you’re wondering, what are the current scrap car prices? How to determine the actual worth of your scrap vehicle? You’ve landed in the right place. Let’s find the answers to your intriguing questions here!

Why Should You Evaluate Your Scrap Vehicle – Reasons

Before we explain how you can get a fair amount of money by selling your old car, we would like to put some facts forth. The team at Scrap Yard India always strives to keep their customers informed. As per the New Scrappage Policy in India, the government aims to remove the End of Life Vehicles older than 15 to 20 years from the roads that fail the fitness test. Such vehicles will be mandatorily deregistered.

Scrapping your old car comes with various lucrative incentives. But, before taking advantage of such benefits, you should be aware of how to evaluate your scrap vehicle. Knowing a car scrap dealer is definitely essential. However, the following factors are also important to evaluate your End of Life Vehicle: 

Helps in determining the present value of your scrap car.

Condition of Your Scrap Vehicle
Helps in determining if your scrap car can be re-sold, restored for use, or be scrapped entirely.

Scrap Metal’s Current Market Price
Scrap car’s metal can be sold further by the car scrap dealer. The car manufacturers then recycle that metal to produce new vehicles. Hence, even the metal of your old car can fetch you money.

Demand for Vehicle Parts
Everything (from radio, battery to the tires, headlights, taillights, etc.) of your scrap car can be easily recycled. Scrap car buyers can fetch you some value for such parts as well.

Location of Your Scrap Vehicle 

Important as the scrap metal prices vary according to the geographical boundaries, so location plays a crucial role in deciding the value of your old car.

We know you are eager to know – How to make the most money possible with your scrap vehicle and what are the ongoing scrap car prices in India. Without further ado, allow us to clear the hassle for you. 

Knowing Scrap Car Prices – By Using SYI’s “Used Car Value Calculator”

As mentioned above, many factors are responsible for determining the value of your scrap vehicle. It mainly depends on the size, weight as well as recyclable metal of your car. The value of some parts also plays a vital role in determining scrap car prices. It is obvious that you are bound to receive multiple offers for your scrap vehicle. However, how would you know if that’s the amount you should be settling for? 

We understand your concerns and hence would like to take the burden off your head. Scrap Yard India is India’s first algorithm-based digital platform for the Sale and Valuation of ELVs/Scrap Vehicles. With our “Free 30-second Used Car Value Calculator,” vehicle owners can easily evaluate their junk car and instantly get the best, right scrap car prices. We make sure that there is no compromise in calculating the value of your scrap car. You get what your vehicle righteously deserves. 

You do not need to worry as the process of using our evaluation tool is very simple. Just a few clicks, that’s it. Let us tell you about it right away!

1] Choose the Vehicle Type 

2] Choose the Vehicle Brand & Vehicle Model

3] Register Your Scrap Vehicle

     – Name 

     – City

     – Vehicle Number

     – Contact Number

Told You! 1,2, 3 and done!

Our platform allows vehicle owners to evaluate vehicles of any make, model, or type. Once you register with us, we also ensure that you get connected with a registered/authorized vehicle scrapping facility. From beginning to end, SYI will make your experience hassle-free.

We aim to help vehicle owners make the right decisions – the ones that will benefit them monetarily as well as environmentally. With SYI, you can save the time and effort put into researching scrap car prices. If you wish/desire to know more about how we can help you further, contact one of our experts today!

You Earn Profits = We Stay Content

Your Satisfaction = Our Happiness

Happy You = Happy Us!

About Scrap Yard India

Have an old car just sitting around? Wondering what is the worth of your scrap vehicle? Well, then SYI is the right place to be at. With our “Free 30-second Used Car Value Calculator,” get the best scrap car prices in a few clicks – instantly. We promise to get you the most money possible for your scrap vehicle. 

Here, at Scrap Yard India, we always keep up to date with the metal scrap prices, car scrappage market, trends, etc., to make sure that we provide the best scrap vehicle prices to our esteemed customers. We always have honored our quotes as we want nothing but only the best for our customers. 

With our team’s overall effort, we have become one of the leading names in the Vehicle Scrapping Business. Throughout, we have helped PAN India citizens get connected to authorized car scrap dealers / scrap car buyers. We moved ahead in the journey, intending to build a sustainable environment and to make people aware of the benefits of scrapping an old vehicle. 

Remember – The more you delay selling your old car, the less value you will get. So we advise you to step the right foot forward, sell at the right time and get the right amount. Get started with us today!

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