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Vehicle Scrapping in India – Terms Everyone Should be Familiar With

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Vehicle Scrapping in India has gained momentum after the announcement of the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy earlier in 2021. Even though India’s Automotive Market is one of the largest in the world, the process of scrapping any scrap vehicle wasn’t organized. But thanks to the initiative taken by the government, the scenario will no longer be the same. The New Vehicle Scrappage Policy has many perks to offer. The incentives offered for a scrap vehicle are encouraging the citizens of India to sell car for scrap. On the other hand, end of life vehicle recycling is helping the automotive industry.

At some point, you may sell car for scrap to enjoy the benefits of the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy. But if you’ll be doing it for the first time, there are some things that you should be aware of. While dealing with a scrap car dealer, it will be helpful if you know of some basic terms used for Vehicle Scrapping in India. Well, you shouldn’t be worried about such things as you are on the right platform and have the right team to guide you. Today Scrap Yard India is here to spill the beans and help you get acquainted with some important terminologies. So let’s get started together!

List of Important Terms Used for Vehicle Scrapping in India 

Here is our attempt at getting you familiar with the basic terminologies used for Vehicle Scrapping in India. The next time you talk to a scrap car dealer, you will be confident enough and won’t get lost in the web of unknown terms. It seems relaxing, right? Well, without wasting a second, let’s do what we are here for. Have a glance at the list yourself.

1] Registered Scrapper

This term implies to a person, firm, company, trust, or society that owns and operates a Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility. Also known as “RVSF.”

2] Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility – RVSF

This term refers to any establishment that lawfully holds the “Registration for Vehicle Scrapping.” An RVSF, under the law, has the right to carry out the dismantling and scrapping operations pertaining to any scrap vehicle all over India.

3] Certificate of Deposit

This term refers to the Certificate that is issued by an RVSF. It recognizes the transfer of ownership of a Scrap Vehicle from the Registered Owner to the Registered Scrap Car Dealer for further treatment.

4] Certificate of Vehicle Scrapping

This Certificate recognizes the approval issued by a Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF) for the Final Disposal of a Scrap vehicle.

5] End of Life Vehicle (ELV)

It refers to all scrap vehicles that are no longer legally registered or are declared unfit for use by Registered Automated Fitness Centers in India. A vehicle will be considered ELV on cancellation of registration under the law. If the owner self-declares that his scrap vehicle is no longer useful due to damages suffered from –

  • Fire
  • Riots
  • Natural Disasters
  • Accidents, etc., or
  • Due to Any Other Reasons at Owner’s Discretion

Then any such vehicle will be considered an ELV.

6] Final Disposal

It means that a scrap vehicle is no longer capable of being used. The cut piece of the Chassis Number and the Disposal of the Vehicle’s Engine in accordance with CPCB Guidelines is evidence for the same.

7] Registration Authority

This term is used for a “Commissioner” (in the Transport Department) or any other “Designated Officer” appointed by the State or Union Territory Government in India. They are responsible for ensuring that all the provisions for Vehicle Scrapping in India are thoroughly followed by RVSFs.

8] Scrapping

This term refers to the whole process of Vehicle Scrapping in India. The vehicle owner gets all the necessary documents – right from the Receipt and Record of any ELV to the Issuance of Certificate of Vehicle Scrapping. This process includes the following tasks –

  • Dismantling
  • De-pollution
  • Segregation of Useful and Waste Material of an ELV
  • Disposal of Non-reusable ELV Parts, etc.

9] Scrapping Yard

It refers to the designated location that is within the perimeters of a Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility. Here, the process of end of life vehicle recycling and scrapping takes place.

10] Treatment

This term refers to any activity that is undertaken after an ELV is handed over to any of Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility for –

  • Dismantling
  • De-pollution
  • Shearing
  • Shredding
  • Recovering
  • Preparation for Disposal of the Wastes from Shredder
  • Any other Operation for Recovering and/or Disposing an ELV and its Components

11] Recycling / End of Life Vehicle Recycling

Recycling or End of Life Vehicle Recycling refers to reprocessing waste materials in a production purpose for –

  • The Original Purpose or
  • For Other Purposes (besides Energy Recover)

12] Registered Owner of an ELV

It implies to –

  • The person under whom the motor vehicle was formally registered in the VAHAN database or on the records of any State or Union Territory Transport Department in India.
  • The Authorized Representative who is supported by Documentary Evidence from the Registered Vehicle Owner.
  • A person who has lawfully gained the ownership of a motor vehicle in a public auction – as per CMVR’s Rule 57.
    A person who inherits the motor vehicle – as per CMVR’s Rule 56.
  • Concerning a motor vehicle that is subject to an agreement on a lease, an agreement of hypothecation, hire-purchase agreement, the person in possession of the vehicle is deemed the rightful owner.

13] Rules

It implies to the Directives set for Vehicle Scrapping in India by –

  • Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) and
  • State Motor Vehicle Regulation (State MVR)

14] Vehicle

It refers to any Motor Vehicle that can not run at its full capacity or is deemed either a “Scrap Vehicle,” or “End of Life Vehicle,” or “Junk Vehicle,” etc., under the law.

So this was a sneak-peek into some basic terms used for Vehicle Scrapping in India. Team SYI hopes that you found the above information informative. For more such articles, stay tuned with us!

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