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Risk of Scrapping with Unauthorized dealers

Vehicles which have reached the end of their useful lives create tons of waste. These hazardous vehicles mostly end up at unauthorized scrap markets across the country. Such unauthorized scrap traders are not regulated by any Government body, hence cause damage to the environment and threaten public health.


Lack of Paper Work

Lack of legitimate process for deregistration, destruction and disposal of scrap vehicles. No paper trail maintained to track status.

Dishonest Activities

Most of the time the vehicles are meant to be scrapped are found running illegally on road, polluting air.

Use for illegal activities

Such vehicles are often used in all types of criminal activities which leads to harassment of actual owner of vehicle.

Unsafe Disposal

Inadequately equipped places are very unsafe in handling of the hazardous components or fluids.

Owing to above reasons, while scraping such “rusting in peace” vehicles, motor waste should be discarded correctly. Thanks to the policy proposed by the Government of India, which directs a viable regime for recycling ELVs towards a sustainable automotive recycling process.

The vehicle scrapping policy aims to remove ELVs off the road, by setting Authorized dismantling centers controlled in a structured manner. At standardized vehicle dismantling centers, a good deal of this material is reused through proper salvaging and compensate production of new steel. This way you contribute in the formation of organized scrapping facilities and sustainable life.

Advantages of choosing SYI



First time in India Scrap Yard India brings you platform to locate and connect with Government authorized vehicle scrapping facility in India.


All the paperwork is done online where you can access the real time status of scrapping. All the records of the vehicle right from the receipt to final scrapping are maintained. We ensure that your vehicle is scrapped and not used illegally.


Scrap Yard India takes concerted efforts to formalize collection centers, scrap yards or processing centers. With world-class equipment for dismantling ELVs, we cater scientific dismantling of end-of-life vehicles. Use of advanced depollution equipment not only minimizes manual handling of hazardous material but also helps to maintain an environmentally compliant scrap processing center.

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Process of Vehicle Scrapping

Our processes are crafted to provide you seamless service and an incredible experience whenever you recycle your vehicle with us



Inspection and Valuation

One of our vehicle scrapping executives will connect with you to schedule a visit for an overall inspection and evaluation of your end-of-life vehicle at your convenient date and time.

Documentation and Pickup

Our expert team will be documenting the entire process and details very carefully and a pickup will be arranged from our end as per your next convenient time slot.


Certificate of Deposit

Once we receive the vehicle and the inspection is done at our end, you will be given a Certificate of Deposit which indicates the safe collection of your end-of-life vehicle.


De-Registration of Vehicle Number

Your vehicle number will then be deregistered from the Central Database of Vehicles so as to avoid any kind of misuse of your vehicle for any illegal activities in the future.


Certificate of Vehicle Scrapping

A Certificate of Vehicle Scrapping, which indicates the completion of your vehicle scrapping process will be awarded to you and will act as a record of the process completion.


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Why Choose Scrap Yard India

Professional Scrapping Services

Professional executives with a customer-first approach and services

Transparency in Weight and Pricing

Precision Weighing and best in the market pay-outs, on the spot

Seamless Pickup & Transportation

Timely pickup with safe and secure transportation

Compliant Facilities

100% Compliant Facilities & Processes with all the Government & Environmental Regulations

End to End Solutions

One-Stop Solution for all your Scrapping Requirements

Circular Economy

Stringent policies and processes for a well-balanced circular economy

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Frequently Asked Question

Government agencies passed a new rule to trash End-of-Life (ELV) vehicles, which are a major source of pollution in India, in response to rapidly rising levels of pollution and traffic. So, if your car is more than 15 years old (10 years for diesel), it must be scrapped.

Scrapyard India will connect you to the nearest registered vehicle scrapping facilities and ensure that all the documents are legally done and that your car is properly scrapped. 

There are 5 steps:

  • Inspection and valuation
  • Documentation and pickup
  • Certificate of deposit
  • De-Registration of vehicle number
  • Certificate of vehicle scrapping

The time taken for the process to be completed depends on various factors. For more details, you can speak to our experts here.

We legally scrap cars and aim to reduce its environmental footprint through its eco-friendly practices of recycling scrap vehicles. It symbolizes an effort towards creating a zero waste, zero pollution ecosystem. We will separate the reusable parts, recycle them, and scrap the non-recyclable parts responsibly and efficiently.

Yes, we do accept such vehicles. Though it will have implications on the price offered to the owner.

Documentation is important; we don’t accept a vehicle that doesn’t have all the documentation for the vehicle. For more details, you can contact our experts.

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