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10 Reasons to Let Go Your Scrap Vehicle and not Fix it

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Often we hold on to things even if they aren’t useful anymore. The same is with a scrap vehicle. Letting go of the old car you have been driving for years is difficult. We understand that. But have you ever thought about how old car selling can benefit you and help nature? Do you know that end of life vehicle recycling can do wonders that benefit all? If not, today, we will help you understand everything. Scrap Yard India’s team has been guiding people and helping them contribute towards making mother earth a better place. 

Car Scrapping in India has many pros on the table for all. It’s time you know about them and make better decisions concerning your scrap vehicle. In this article, you will know a few prominent reasons that will convince you to put your scrap vehicle to the pasture and not fix it anymore. So, let’s get started right away!

10 Prominent Reasons to Put Off Your Scrap Vehicle and not Mend It 

Team SYI will definitely recommend you to scrap your old car. Car recycling is a good deed and a blessing in disguise. Through your actions, you will make both – yourself and nature happy. Sounds like a win-win, right? To make it all come, here is our attempt at convincing you. Keep reading!

1] Your Scrap Vehicle is Dangerous

It is no secret that your old car won’t serve the same purpose compared to when it was purchased new. Even though your vehicle has not rusted, decayed it is still deemed dangerous. Your old car may have some really sharp edges. It can potentially lead to catastrophic injury. 

The peeling paint of your scrap vehicle poses a grave threat when left exposed. If left unattended, it will impact not only your and your loved one’s health but also the surrounding neighborhood. On the other hand, the leaking fluids can lead to a fire hazard. Such an incident will cause both – physical and legal hazards.

Also, it’s illegal to run your car on the road if it fails the fitness test. This mandate has been highlighted in the recent policy for car scrapping in India. 

2] A Scrap Vehicle Attracts Uninvited Guests

If you own a car and if it’s left abandoned for long, you are indirectly inviting some unwanted, uninvited guests. You must be wondering what guests we are talking about. Well, they are definitely not humans. We are referring to a variety of undesirable insects, rodents, stray dogs, cats, etc. They do create a nuisance. However, a point that should be noted here is that they can get affected because of the toxic materials in your scrap vehicle. Moreover, the surrounding areas also get contaminated, leading to a miserable situation.

If you, any family members, or neighbors get exposed to such an environment, it can be detrimental to everyone’s health. 

3] Your Scrap Vehicle is No Longer Fuel Efficient

When a car is new, it runs smoothly. As time passes, it may still function but not like it used to. After a few years, you may realize that you have to visit the fuel stations frequently. To keep your old car running, you would have no other choice than to feed it with more and more fuel. 

Keeping the car tank full would burn a hole in your pocket – given the current fuel prices in India. But give it a thought, what if you can stop this from happening? What if you can cut the cost spent on your old car? 

A smart way to deal with it all is to sell your vehicle to a scrap car dealer and opt for car recycling. You will not only save the recurring expenses of your old car but also get that extra cash to purchase a new car. How? The benefits under the policy of car scrapping in India will do the needful. 

4] Your Scrap Vehicle is Dangerous to Drive

We know that most of you would like to drive your old car until it runs on the road. No doubt that you will have a vehicle to commute. But do you know that it’s dangerous to drive a car that does not run to its full efficiency? We agree to the fact that with a few maintenance and repair costs, you can make your vehicle road-worthy. However, our main concern is – will it be safe to drive a car that needs frequent mechanical checks? What if you get involved in an accident? 

We believe that you wouldn’t like to risk the lives of your dear ones, yourself, or even people on the road. So be wise and opt for the end of life vehicle recycling for everyone’s sake. 

5] Car Recycling is Great for Mother Nature

Car recycling has many benefits. One of the most crucial advantages gained from the end of life vehicle recycling is saving mother nature from deteriorating further. You may know what a car scrap yard looks like and think that it’s not the most environmentally-friendly place to be at. However, don’t be deceived by such looks. Car scrapping in India is now systematic compared to years that have passed. 

Nowadays, your scrap vehicle is not just merely crushed and forgotten. In fact, all ELVs have to go through a precise de-pollution process. Everything – from engine oil, tires, airbags to safety glass, metals, and plastics is recycled and reused. We believe that knowing this will paint a clear picture that car recycling is a boon. 

6] Your Scrap Vehicle is not Being Used Often

We all know that owning a car costs a considerable amount of money. It has become a sign of luxury too. But we have a simple question for you – what will you do keeping your old car in the parking lot garage? Do you want to keep it just as a showpiece? You must be surprised to know that even if your vehicle is not used often, it will still cost you. Anyone wouldn’t be exempted from not paying the money for insurance, road tax – even if your car is parked at the side most of the time. 

Well, if the car at your home is not being used often, a wise choice will be to deal with it properly. We suggest that you should sell your unused vehicle to a scrap car dealer and get rid of additional costs!

7] End of Life Vehicle Recycling and Scrapping will Add to Your Pocket

You will gain nothing if you let your scrap vehicle occupy the space or if you drive it after multiple repairs. Moreover, a car that can burn a hole in your pocket rather than doing otherwise is good for no one. So the best solution to get additional funds is to sell your scrap vehicle to a registered scrap car dealer. 

The money that you get can be used for so many purposes depending on your personal choice. Moreover, the perks and incentives you get as per the policy for car scrapping in India will add a feather to the cap. To get the best scrap prices in India, check our used car value calculator

8] Every Scrap Vehicle is Worthy for the Entire Automobile Industry 

Every car would have seen better days. If it’s old, unfunctional now, it’s not the end of the story. A car that may seem worthless to you can potentially benefit others. A noteworthy advantage of car recycling is that a scrap car dealer can sell the recycled materials to manufacturers in the Automobile Industry. This, in turn, will lead to sustainable production processes, create a circular economy, reduce dependability on single-use products, etc. 

Old car selling can fetch you a great deal of money and also help manufacturers in the Auto Industry. So be nice, be wise, and opt to scrap your end of life vehicle.

9] End of Life Vehicle Recycling Means Lesser Metals will be Mined

Humans are advancing rapidly, and there’s no going back to old times. With higher standards of living, expectations rise too. If the demand for new cars keeps on growing, the piles of old vehicles in junkyards will keep on increasing. If these vehicles are not taken care of properly, the pressure to extract prominent metals will just add to the burden.

If you sell your end of life vehicles, they can be scrapped and recycled. The end result will substantially decrease the demand for prominent metals for the production of new cars. Additionally, the habitat of animals will be saved, keeping the creatures of nature at peace. With one decision, you can turn the table around. So please think wisely and act wisely when it comes to dealing with your scrap vehicle.

10] Other Noteworthy Reasons 

Old car selling will fill your pockets, and end of life vehicle recycling will benefit many people down the line. Last but not least, below are a few more reasons to sell your scrap vehicle and not fix it. 

– Huge Energy Saving

– Fewer Pollutants

– Safer, Adequate Disposal of Toxic Materials

– The Zero-Sum Landfill Game

– A Way for New, Advanced Cars

We hope that the above information has opened your eyes and changed your perception of dealing with your scrap vehicle. So stop fixing your old car, instead fix the environment by your kind deed. 

How can Scrap Yard India Help?

A scrap car dealer like us will help you with the end of life vehicle recycling. We ensure that the entire vehicle scrapping process is handled only by qualified professionals. Our team always works within the precise guidelines for car scrapping in India. Since our inception, we have successfully helped thousands of people across multiple cities in India.

We make sure that our clients get only the best scrap car prices in India. Providing A-grade services is what we focus on. SYI is a scrap car dealer who takes care of the entire car scrapping process under a single roof. Everything is done legally to safeguard the privacy and interest of our heroes – our customers.

The doors to impeccable service are always open for you. You can complete the entire process of old car selling ONLINE. Do not forget to check our Used Car Value Calculator to get the best scrap car prices in India. 

Contact our team and do justice to your travel companion. 

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!!!


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