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25 Amazing Facts About Scrap Car Recycling

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Scrap Car Recycling has become a hot topic as it has many perks to offer. Earlier, when people heard the term “Recycling,” they would relate to materials like plastic, paper, glass, tins, cans, etc. But the real-time crisis of climate change has turned the tables. Recycling today is not limited to regular items like before. End of Life Vehicle Recycling has become a common practice in various developed nations. Such nations are actively taking initiatives to discard junk vehicles and are benefitting in many ways.  

India has also put its right foot forward to reduce the nation’s negative impact on mother nature. The New Vehicle Scrappage Policy’s announcement earlier in 2021 has added a feather to the cap to such an initiative. The government is set to get the ball rolling and achieve India’s scrap car recycling goals. However, to make it all a huge success, as a citizen of the nation, you will need to contribute as well. We’re aware that some of you may still be skeptical about this approach. We can relate to you as there is nothing wrong with having doubts. But don’t you think that your perspective will change if you get the correct answers? 

To help you clear your obvious doubts, we are shedding light on some amazing facts about Scrap Car Recycling. If you are planning to sell car for scrap, you would love to know about the old car selling and metal recycling from it. You can use our used car valuation calculator to know the old car valuation you want to scrap.

So, embrace yourselves as you are about to read the facts that will change your mind!

25 Interesting Facts About Scrap Car Recycling 

End of Life Vehicle Recycling is a topic that a considerable amount of the population is still not aware of. An eye-opener in such a scenario can be – Educating the people by making them aware of how to deal with their scrap vehicle. This is team SYI’s attempt to convince people that scrap car recycling will only benefit all and not vice versa. Together, let’s know of some interesting, eye-opening facts in 3,2,1…….

1] The International Automotive Recycling Industry is as old as 75 years old. Yes, you’ve read that right. This number will keep increasing as the automotive industry’s future is very bright.

2] Automobiles are consumer goods/products that are recycled the most by nations all across the globe. 

3] Each consecutive year, close to 30 million cars are recovered for recycling from all across the world. 

4] These scrap vehicles give out heterogeneous materials in huge quantities. Over 25 million tons of this mixture is recycled to obtain environment-friendly materials. 

5] Every year, junk vehicles give out tons of metals that can be recycled and repurposed. Out of all the metals, over 14 million tons of recycled Steel is obtained in the process. 

6] Worldwide, the quantity of the Steel that is recycled is MASSIVE. It is so high that over 14 million new cars can be manufactured as a result. 

7] Not only Steel but approximately around 90% of Aluminum of a scrap vehicle is recycled. The recovered Aluminum represents less than 10% of its weight. However, it accounts for about 50% of the scrap vehicle’s value. 

8] Out of the total Car Batteries recovered from scrap vehicles, approximately 98-99% can be easily recycled. The metal components like Copper and Silver that are obtained are stored and repurposed.

9] The tires of any scrap vehicle can be recycled efficiently. The recycled material can be used later to produce roadways, and other commercial and household items.

10] An icing on the cake is that even a small part of the scrap vehicle – the Windshield can be recycled at times. Don’t be stunned; this is absolutely possible.

11] Another prominent material of the scrap vehicle that gets recycled is Oil. The amount of Oil that gets recycled is really HIGH. So high that over 80 million barrels can be filled. 

12] The amount of hazardous oils and fluids safely reclaimed by the auto recycling businesses is tremendous. It’s equal to Eight Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Disasters!

13] By weight, approximately 80% of the scrap vehicle is recycled. The remaining 20% that can not be recycled is known as ASR (Auto Shredder Residue.) ASR includes materials like ferrous and non-ferrous metal pieces, fabric, glass, paper, plastic, rubber, etc. This residue can be dried and recycled further, preventing it from dwindling spaces in various landfills. 

14] Many expensive auto parts, alternators, etc., that are recovered are not let go in vain. In fact, they are refurbished to get them in good working condition. Furthermore, these parts are resold at less expensive prices. 

15] On average, every new car produced by auto manufacturers these days consists of recycled materials. Around 25% of the car’s body is made from recycled Steel. This is a true example of how useful scrap car recycling can be. 

16] End of Life Vehicle Recycling businesses supply auto parts to wholesale and retail customers at an affordable price. The customers get it at a cost that is around 20-80% less in comparison to purchasing new auto parts. 

17] The second-hand parts produced from the scrap car recycling process are not just used in other cars. They are instrumental in making furniture, arts and crafts materials, ornaments, kitchen utensils, and so on. 

18] It is no secret that mining activities harm nature. End of Life Vehicle Recycling reduces the burden of mining natural resources of the respective nations.

19] The amount of natural resources that can be saved in mining per ton of Steel is HUGE. Around 1134 kg of Iron Ore, 635 kg of Coal, and 54 kg of Limestone can be saved through scrap car recycling. 

20] Scrap vehicles are composed of many toxic materials. If not handled with the utmost care, they can disturb mother nature’s peace. The Auto Recycling businesses ensure that those toxic materials are dealt with utmost care.

21] Under the strict environmental laws for scrap car recycling, Auto Recyclers must follow the necessary procedures. If not followed, the defaulters are liable to pay hefty charges.   

22] Most of the Auto Recycling / End of Life Vehicle Recycling companies are smaller in size. Above 75% of them employ 10 people on average. Even if smaller in size, these companies make a significant contribution. They are a helping hand in fulfilling their respective nation’s need for some prominent metals. All this is done while taking care of mother nature. 

23] Countries like the U.S., Europe, and Japan are the largest exporters of Ferrous Scrap globally. They hold over 33% of the market shares. They also have a hold of over 70% of the total auto recycling business – being the largest auto recyclers in the world. 

24] Another good example of the automotive recycling industry’s success is North America. Every year, they save approximately 85 million barrels of Oil which otherwise would be used to make new/replacement auto parts.

25] Last but not least – through scrap car recycling, many vital objectives can be fulfilled. Letting mother nature be is the primary objective. Secondary ones include reduction in import costs of prominent metals, improved road safety, fewer accidents, and so on.

The above-mentioned facts and figures truly demonstrate that the vibrant scrap car recycling industry worldwide is doing wonders. Like all other auto recyclers, you can do your bit to benefit all by pledging to give away your scrap vehicle for recycling. 

You don’t need to take any effort into finding the right scrap car dealer as you already have found one. SYI welcomes you with open arms so that you can be the hero by doing your small bit that matters a lot!!

How can Scrap Yard India Help?

We hope that all of the above facts have expanded the horizons of your limited imagination. SYI does not only believe in making profits but also guides people to do things the right way. Our team gets delighted every time you contribute to the humble cause of saving mother nature while earning attractive incentives in return. 

We have always aimed to be the kind of scrap car dealer in India that everyone wants to get associated with. For the same reasons, we have kept the entire process of car scrapping transparent. Our experienced, up-to-date executives are always here to solve your tiniest doubts so that you can be extra sure and make the right decision.

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A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!!



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