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10 Myths Uncovered About Commercial Vehicle Scrapping in India

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Commercial Vehicle Scrapping in India will be more systematic and organized in the coming years. All the credit goes to the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy announced by the Indian Government in 2021. This policy briefly states how the government plans to phase a scrap vehicle, how the end of life vehicle recycling will benefit all, and so on. While people in India are getting used to the idea of dealing with a scrap vehicle, many myths cloud their decision-making ability. 

Scrap Yard India is not like other scrap car buyers. Why? Well, we do not only focus on making money. Our effort has always been to educate people and take care of mother nature. The articles that we write revolve around giving in and out details about the scrap vehicle business. Today we are here to burst the bubble and unravel some myths about commercial vehicle scrapping in India. So why wait? Let’s get set and overcome those myths together for once and all!

10 Myths About Commercial Vehicle Scrapping in India

Before we debunk the common myths about Commercial Vehicle Scrapping in India, we have a request to make. If you own an old commercial vehicle that requires frequent repairs, please consider selling it to scrap car buyers. It will not only save you from possible dangers but also help mother nature be at peace. 

Now let’s address some common worries about commercial vehicle scrapping in India without any further delay. 

1] Scrap Car Buyers don’t Accept Wrecked Commercial Scrap Vehicles

You may think that if your commercial vehicle is wrecked, it’s of no use. For instance, if your commercial vehicle faces a catastrophic failure, it may require a major overhaul. Such a rebuild would burn a hole in your pocket, and that is why you would want to sell it off. Well, that will be the right choice indeed. 

So whenever you think  

– Your vehicle can’t be repaired

– It no longer serves the same purpose

– Its maintenance is too costly, etc

Please let it rest in peace in a car scrap yard. Just know that legitimate scrap car buyers will accept your scrap vehicle in any condition. So don’t be fooled by ideas that indicate otherwise. Know that your inoperable automobile, in fact, can do wonders. 

2] Parts of Totalled Commercial Scrap Vehicle Can’t be Pulled Off

It’s a misconception that if a commercial vehicle is totaled, it’s destroyed completely. You may assume that your vehicle will be left with a few salvageable parts. However, you should know that “Totaling a car” and “Damage done to a car” have very little to do with each other. In reality, it’s a term used in insurance circles when the damages/repairs approach or exceed the value of your vehicle. 

So do not think that parts of your totaled commercial vehicle can not be pulled off. There will be possibly many salvageable parts left on your vehicle. A car scrap yard would be full of them, and scrap car buyers will even offer you a considerable amount in return. 

3] Your Commercial Scrap Vehicle has Negligible Value

A commercial scrap vehicle that is past seeing its good days might seem useless to you. But if you take our advice, we say that it may be partly non-functional but can still serve a great purpose. Always remember, your junk vehicle is a treasure box that will bear gifts for all. The parts still intact inside can be sold and salvaged. Additionally, end of life vehicle recycling can help the auto industry. 

India’s New Vehicle Scrappage Policy offers attractive incentives for commercial scrap vehicle owners. If you opt to scrap your vehicle, you will be eligible to get a rebate on road tax, a discount on purchasing a new vehicle, etc. This proves – no matter what the condition of your commercial vehicle is, it will never be worthless. 

4] Keeping Your Commercial Scrap Vehicle in Garage Stops Pollution

It’s a fact that if your junk vehicle doesn’t run on the road, it won’t pollute the air. But if you think that a junk vehicle only causes air pollution, you are highly mistaken. Yes, you’ve read it right. Even when parked in a garage or some other place, your junk vehicle will still be deemed dangerous. Wondering why? Well, it contains toxic pollutants like – battery acids, brake fluids, coolant, engine oil, etc. These hazardous fluids eventually leak and seep into the ground and then mix with water and pollute them. 

5] If Your Vehicle is Driveable, You should not Sell it to Scrap Car Buyers

If you’re the one who is habitual to holding on to things, today, we will change your perception. If you own a vehicle that is too old but is still drivable doesn’t mean you’re sitting on a gold mine. When things stop running at their full capacity, you should let it go. Here we are talking about your old junk vehicle. 

Just think, what if the repairs and maintenance costs empty your pocket often. What if the glitches lead to an accident? Would you risk putting your or someone else’s life in danger? If not, please do not keep driving your vehicle. Instead, sell it to a scrap car dealer who will appropriately deal with it in a car scrap yard. 

6] It is not Possible to Sell Your Commercial Vehicle that is Old

You would have heard from others that a junk vehicle that is too old can’t be sold to scrap car buyers. But trust us, it’s a typical myth that has been doing the rounds for decades. It’s true that if you try selling your commercial scrap vehicle to a local junk dealer, he may tell you that it’s worth nothing. But if you blindly believe them, you will be a fool.

A legitimate scrap car dealer will never try such tricks on you. At Scrap Yard India, we not only accept scrap vehicles of all kinds but also offer desirable value for them. With the end of life vehicle recycling, we also help the auto industry and contribute towards a significant cause of saving mother nature.

7] Car Scrap Yard is a Scary Place for Your Commercial Scrap Vehicle 

Often in movies, you must have seen some scenes that depict a car scrap yard as a scary place with animals lurking around. But does a car scrap yard look like that in reality? Ohhh, another myth busted! It doesn’t. Nowadays, these yards are organized, and every single activity is monitored closely. From scrapping to end of life vehicle recycling, everything is done taking utmost safety precautions. These centers also have a huge database that can help you find what you’re looking for.

So we say that a car scrap yard is a place that lets your old vehicle rust and rest in peace. Do you think the same now?

8] The Odometer of Your Commercial Vehicle says Everything

If you rely on the Odometer of your commercial vehicle and think what it shows is true, you’re making a mistake. If you believe that only knowing your vehicle’s mileage will help you determine if it’s junk or not, you’re mistaken again. A smart choice is not just to check the Odometer but also other parts of the vehicle you drive. 

If your vehicle fails multiple metrics, then consider selling it and putting it to pasture. 

9] You will get more Money by Dismantling the Vehicle Parts Yourself

It’s not unusual if you’ve heard that people dismantle their non-functional vehicles by themselves. Later they sell various parts and add to their pockets. Even if you’re a professional, doing so is not a viable option. Just think about the amount of time and labor that would be spent to do it all. 

Don’t you think that putting your time into other productive activities will be a better choice? A scrap car dealer like us will dismantle your commercial scrap vehicle and process it further for end of life vehicle recycling. All this is done using A-Grade Machinery, and we also offer the best scrap prices in India. Check out SYI’s Free Used Car Value Calculator to know the worth of your junk vehicle.

After knowing this, would you waste your precious time and energy? Just think!!

10] There are Hidden Costs involved when You Scrap Your Commercial Vehicle

Last but not least, another myth regarding commercial vehicle scrapping in India is – there are hidden costs involved. But it’s not true. A legitimate scrap car dealer like us ensures that nothing as such happens. We have kept the entire junk vehicle scrapping process transparent and won’t sting you with any additional charges that are deemed as hidden costs. 

Next time if you hear myths about commercial vehicle scrapping in India, make sure that you burst them for others as we did for you today! 

About Scrap Yard India

Commercial vehicle scrapping in India is a simple, straightforward process. We want to spread this message all across the nation, so no one is hesitant to put their scrap vehicles to pasture. We have always offered the best deal to people who approached us, and we won’t stop doing so. 

Our trained experts have aligned a simple process that will help you sell your junk vehicle quickly. Our Free 30 Second Used Car Value Calculator, within a few clicks, will get you the best quotation for your old travel companion. Sounds good, right?

If you’ve got more questions, our friendly team is always available for you. Contact us anytime, and we will assure you of impeccable service! 

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!!!



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