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5 Factors to Shortlist a Good Scrap Car Dealer to Get More from Your Scrap Vehicle

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When various economies worldwide are functioning entirely on recycled auto scrap, India has taken an inordinately long time to get into this business territory. However, the recent scrap vehicle/vehicle scrappage policy announced by the government of India has proved otherwise. The policy entails lucrative perks for scrap vehicle owners and also focuses on making mother earth a better place. By 2025, over 21 million vehicles will reach their end of useful life. These numbers also indicate that demand for legitimate scrap car buyers will increase parallelly.

Want to know how to deal with your unuseful car? Confused if you should be getting rid of your old vehicle? If it is the right time to say goodbye to a scrap vehicle that is sitting around for long? Well, we would advise you to discard it at the earliest. The longer you wait, the lower will be your chances of getting the most money possible for your junk car. Various factors can affect the amount you’ll get for selling your old car. One of them is finding a credible scrap car dealer.

Here, we will help you get familiar with multiple ways to sell your scrap car and guide you about some vital factors to shortlist a good car scrap dealer. Let’s tackle the topics one by one!

Different Ways of Selling a Scrap Vehicle

There’s not just one but multiple ways of selling your scrap car. Some of them will be easier than others, and some will probably get you more money. So, allow us to share various available options so that you can make a decision, depending upon what works the best for you. 

Apparently, the most obvious method is to haul your scrap car to a scrapyard. The price that you receive here depends on the weight of your car. Additionally, the location and current market conditions also play a vital role in deciding the value. The smaller your scrap car, the less money you will receive, and vice versa. 

If you think that your car still has some usable parts, you can try going to a salvage yard instead of heading towards the scrapyard route. Typically, vehicles that still have usable parts may get more money at a salvage yard. A catch here is that everyone wants profit. So, there are higher chances that you will be offered somewhere around 50% (or less than that) for your car parts.

There is no doubt that you can always take a different route – like parting out the car yourself or with someone else’s help. This method will eliminate the salvage yard owner’s cut and let you enjoy all the profits. However, this is really a tedious and time-consuming process. Why? Well, you’ll have to do the following –


  • Research about the value of your car parts
  • Next, remove all the car parts to sell them individually
  • Finally, you will need to find buyers for the car parts

We assume that this is not a pleasant way to make money from your scrap vehicle!

Another viable option, perhaps the best one, is to sell it to a car scrap dealer like “Scrap Yard India.” We have a Free Vehicle Evaluation tool that will help you get an instant quote in just a few clicks. From the beginning to the end, we ensure to make your process seamless and obviously get you the best money possible for your scrap vehicle. When you are willing to do the right thing, being a part of the process will give us more happiness. 

Satisfied Customers = Happy Us!

Not all approaches are equal, so ensure that you do a little research irrespective of the method that you choose. 

5 Vital Factors to Shortlist a Good Scrap Car Dealer for Your Scrap Vehicle 

Selling your scrap car to get the most money possible is what vehicle owners aim for. But, have you ever thought about what will happen if you come across scrap car buyers who offer you a good amount but can also land you in grave trouble? Don’t be shocked; this is possible. We genuinely care for all our customers; hence we are listing 5 vital factors that will not only help you shortlist a Good Car Scrap Dealer but also save you from distress. Let’s dive in without further ado.

1] To Save Yourself from being Cheated

Many illegal scrap car dealers out there will definitely give you the money, but the latter experience could be troublesome. The benefit of choosing licensed car scrap dealers is – they are checked and verified. This factor helps in eliminating the risks that are associated with dealing with non-registered scrap car dealers. It is vital to get your vehicle scrapped by trusted scrap car buyers to avoid it from being used for illegal/unauthorized activities. 

2] To Save Yourself from Dishonest Activities

You may be obviously happy to get the money for a junk car that was sitting for long. You would think that choosing a particular scrap car dealer got you a profitable deal. However, you may have made the wrong move. Some illegal scrap car buyers can use your vehicle for fraudulent activities. Many times the vehicles that should be legally scrapped still run on the road. This activity is not only illegal but also adds to serious environmental problems like air pollution.

3] To have Appropriate Paperwork Trail

A legitimate scrap car dealer will save you from legal paperwork trouble. They are registered authorities and do everything abiding by the policy drafted by the government of India. From deregistration to destruction and disposal of scrap vehicles, the paper trail is maintained throughout. This also makes it easier for the vehicle owner to track the status of what happens with their scrap vehicles – from the beginning to the end.

4] For Seamless Online Processing

At times when the world has gone digital, getting your car scrapped by sitting at the comfort of your home is absolutely possible. Now, you can easily connect with scrap car dealers online and gradually apply for the scrapping process for a hassle-free experience. That’s not all – on such websites, you can also get an approximate estimate of the money your scrap vehicle can fetch. These are the benefits that entail if you choose a reliable and licensed scrap car dealer.

5] To Promote Environment-friendly Practices

One of the main reasons (for the Indian Government) for taking the initiative to introduce the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy was to curb the harm caused to mother nature. The Policy focuses on controlling air pollution and other environmental harms that a scrap vehicle and the scrapping process assimilate. Careless dismantling processes can have serious repercussions – not only on the environment but also on humans. 

Illegal car scrap dealers dismantle the scrap vehicles in the open. They mainly do it by the roadside. This practice harms the environment as toxic fumes get mixed in the air. A scrapyard that is road encroaching also leads to increased traffic and, in turn, more vehicular pollution. Also, inadequately equipped yards are very unsafe for handling hazardous fluids and components.

The vehicles that are “Rusting in Peace” should be discarded appropriately with utmost care. The Vehicle Scrapping Policy proposed by the Indian government focuses on building a sustainable automotive scrapping and recycling process. One of the most fundamental goals is to get ELVs off the road in a structured manner – by setting Authorized Dismantling Centers. By doing so, most of the material from scrap vehicles can be reused. Eventually, such practices will compensate for the production of new steel and other metals. 

By now, you must’ve understood the significance of choosing an authorized scrap car dealer. We understand that at times it’s difficult to let go of some things. But holding onto things whose value reduces day by day isn’t a smart choice. For your good, and to help you say “Goodbye” to your “Old Companion,” Scrap Yard India is here at your service!

How can Scrap Yard India help?

Scrap Yard India is a platform that helps vehicle owners locate and connect with Government Authorized/Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (AVSF/RVSF) in India. At SYI, all the paperwork is done online, allowing you to access the status of your scrap vehicle in real-time. Our team thoroughly maintains all the legal records of your vehicle – from the receipt to the final scrapping procedure. We ensure that your vehicle gets scrapped lawfully and is not used for illegal activities.

Since our inception, we have made a solid effort to formalize scrap yards, collection centers, and processing centers. With access to world-class dismantling equipment, we ensure the scientific dismantling of End-of-Life vehicles. Using advanced equipment has not only helped us in minimizing manual handling of the hazardous material but also in maintaining environmentally compliant scrap processing centers. 

From Inspection and Valuation, Documentation and Pickup to getting you the Certificate of Deposit, Deregistration of Vehicle Number, and Certificate of Vehicle Scraping – we do it all. Throughout, we have helped PAN India Citizens to get their vehicles scrapped seamlessly. If all of this seems confusing, do not worry. When SYI is here, why do you fear! By providing some details about your vehicle, you will get an instant quote for your scrap vehicle based on its condition and value. Be rest assured, we will make sure that we offer you the best, what your vehicle rightfully deserves.

Less hassle, minimal effort, ease is what we want our customers to experience. If you wish to sell your scrap vehicle, get started with us today!

Click here to book a free consultation with us.

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!
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