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5 Signs that You should Sell Car for Scrap

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Not everyone would be willing to sell car for scrap. Some people prefer to use their vehicles as long as they are running on the road. But a critical question here is – Is it the right choice to possess a scrap vehicle that is fatal for your life and harms the environment too? Do you know the best, appropriate choice to deal with your old car in certain circumstances? Well, the best logical and financial way forward will be to sell car for scrap. 

Here, we are shedding light on circumstances that signal you to get rid of your old companion. Let’s know about them one by one further.

Top 5 Indicators to Sell Car for Scrap

The New Vehicle Scrappage Policy announced by the Government of India has given new hope for the scrap vehicle business to prosper in the coming time. It has paved ways for – 

  • Scrap Car Buyers to earn profits 
  • Scrap Vehicle Owners to earn lucrative incentives
  • Auto Sector of India to cut import costs on metals by scrap vehicle recycling
  • Government of India to curb pollution and make mother earth a better place, etc

Now since you know of some benefits, let’s precisely talk about the top 5 signs that signal you should sell car for scrap.

Scrap Vehicle Age

As per the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy, if you own a – Private Vehicle older than 20 years or a Commercial Vehicle older than 15 years, it needs to undergo a fitness test. If your vehicle does not clear the test, you won’t be allowed to keep it running on the roads legally. If you oppose, the government of India has the right to impose a hefty penalty on you. They can even seize your scrap car and take its legal custody.

Wondering what you should do in such a situation? Well, you already know the answer by now. If you’re thinking of selling it to a scrap car dealer, you’re absolutely right. When you can earn cash for trash, only a fool would choose to go on a different path. Now since you know what way to approach, you would worry about finding a legitimate, authorized scrap car dealer.


When things are just under your nose, why not take advantage of them! Scrap Yard India is among one of the top Scrap Car Buyers in India. Throughout, we’ve helped people all across India get rid of their scrap vehicles in the most convenient and profitable manner. Our team is always at your service.

Satisfied Customers = Satisfied Us!

Severe Mechanical Issues

Cars are complicated fickle beats. Even if your car has the minimal onboard electronic tech, some things can still go haywire as the mileage increases. Sometimes the mechanical issues can put a hole in your pocket as resurrection costs may be more than the market value of your car. 

Likewise, if you possess a complex luxury car (probably 15-20 years old), you may experience electronic system failures. Not only will such mechanical issues make your vehicle immobile, but they also put a significant dent in your bank balance. 

In any of such circumstances, a smart choice would be to sell car for scrap. The best way to deal with your scrap vehicle is to sell it to a scrap car dealer. This way, you will also contribute to letting other vehicles run on the road. How? Well, some of your car parts can be used in other vehicles, some will be recycled. So your effort will not go in vain; it’s a win-win situation for both – You and Scrap Car Buyers. 

Tons of Repairs and Maintenance Issues

Budget-savvy people or those who have emotional sentiments attached to their vehicle tend to keep it for a decade or more. Nevertheless, there comes a time when your car starts losing its market value because of much-needed, timely maintenance. While you may think that spending some amount isn’t a big deal, at a certain point in time, you may have to spend a lot more than you imagine for multiple repairs.  

When you have a choice to get a considerable amount of cash for a vehicle that consumes more money for repairs and maintenance, what is stopping you? Wouldn’t it be a profitable deal if you sell car for scrap instead? Our advice is – Put your sentiments aside and grab the golden opportunity while you can. 

Smart Choice = Right Choice!

Rusty Vehicle Sitting for Long

This sign, in particular, wouldn’t come as a surprise to car owners. For any aging car, rust is considered the worst enemy. A process that begins with the wearing off of paint can quickly spread to the structural parts of your car. A serious amount will have to be spent to get your car to its former glory if this happens. Owning a classic car and having such issues would seem like a tough pill to swallow, especially when its price is appreciating.

You may think that you can fetch more value if you get it repaired. But a concern that needs attention is – A rotten fruit doesn’t taste the same. In the same way, a rusted vehicle won’t be of much use even if you get it repaired. The required welding may cost you way more than the worth of your car. So, a better choice here would be to sell car for scrap, fetch a fair amount for it and put that money to purchase a new vehicle! 

Accident Prone Vehicle

The accident is one of the most prevalent reasons for your car ending up in a scrapyard. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and if the insurance company declares it as a write-off, in such situations, the repair cost will be comparatively high. You may get a chance to repurchase your car. However, you should know that an accident-prone vehicle’s market value will be slashed because of its history. 

So, unless you’re qualified to take care of the repairs by yourself or have a sentimental attachment to your vehicle, the best option will be – to bid it goodbye. From various scrap car buyers, you will get different scrap car prices. However, choose an authorized dealer like us for old car valuation and earn cash in return. 

Your Win = Our Win!

Other Prominent Reasons to Sell Car for Scrap

  • Difficulty in finding some Parts of your Car
  • Your car starts giving a Poor Gas Mileage
  • If it starts emitting a lot of Smoke 
  • Your Vehicle isn’t being used frequently and sits in the garage or other space for long
  • If it’s inoperable or irreparable 

FAQs – Just for You, to Solve Your Queries

Q: What are the current Scrap Car Prices in India? Do Scrap Car Prices differ if some car parts are unique?

A: The scrap car prices fluctuate from region to region. Also, it depends on the condition of your scrap car and many other factors. Click here to read how scrap car prices are determined.

Q: Which car parts can be salvaged in the scrapping process?

A: Well, all the parts of your scrap vehicle may not be salvaged. However, some functional parts are removed and can be used in other vehicles. You can fetch a good amount if your car parts are in demand. Some of the parts that can be salvaged in the scrapping process are – tires, wheels, seats, carpets, batteries, glass, oil filters, radiators, transmitters, airbags, radios, iron, and steel pieces, etc.

Some scrap car buyers sell parts to manufacturers. They refurbish those parts and sell them further to auto parts companies. In other cases, it may be sold to individuals who repair cars or to car repair companies.

Q: What perks do you get if you sell car for scrap through an authorized scrap car dealer?

A: The New Vehicle Scrappage Policy approved by the government of India includes multiple perks for car owners who decide to scrap their vehicle. You become eligible to get a discount on road tax, a rebate on purchasing your new car, etc. To know more about how you can monetarily benefit if you sell car for scrap, contact Scrap Yard India’s team. We’re ever ready to be at your service!

Q: Can you get money for an accident-prone scrap vehicle from a scrap car dealer?

A: It totally depends on the condition of your accident-prone car. A legitimate scrap car dealer will get you the right amount after examining your vehicle thoroughly. Scrap car prices also depend on factors like the weight of your scrap vehicle, reusable parts, and other similar aspects. The better condition of your car, the better price you will fetch.

Q: How can you get old car valuation done appropriately? Are there any tools for old car valuation?

A: Old car valuation nowadays doesn’t necessarily require in-depth research. The reason being – Various old car valuation tools are available online. Some of the tools may be complex, and no one would want to spend their energy and brain in such a process. However, Scrap Yard India has an easy-to-understand and easy-to-operate “Free Old Car Valuation Calculator.” Our tool fetches the amount that your old companion rightfully deserves within a fraction of seconds. You just need to fill in some basic details, and your work is done!

Hope we have answered some of the intriguing questions popping in your head. However, if you have further questions, feel free to get in touch with our experts. Their industry knowledge and expertise will give you an upper hand in making the right and wise decision!

About Scrap Yard India

Scrap Yard India is a known name in the scrap vehicle business in India. We cater our services to people all across the nation. To date, many vehicle owners have used our “Free Old Car Valuation Calculator” and fetched a desirable amount of cash for their scrap vehicles. Our transparent legal operations and professional services have given us further credibility in the market. We believe in following eco-friendly practices. With each vehicle that comes in for scrapping, our pride increases by multiple folds. 

Losing money for a vehicle that no longer serves the purpose doesn’t make sense. If you own a car that needs serious repairs, is partially or totally destroyed, is creating an eyesore, don’t let it sit for long. Fetch the right amount while you can rather than keeping it around as it’s not worthy. The more you delay, the more you lose. The more you wait, the more you will harm mother earth with your unfit vehicle. 

All we would like to say is – Choose the right way, earn the right way.

 A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!


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