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Are you a Car Scrap Dealer? Choose Scrap Yard India as your Vehicle Scrapping Facility Setup Partner

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The much-awaited Scrappage Policy in India was announced early in 2021. From benefits to vehicle owners to concern for mother nature, this policy entails many positives. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has notified a draft that lists the rules for setting up a Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF.) These rules lay down the complete procedure – from Authorization to Operation – for setting up the RVSF. The entire plan has laid a solid foundation for the automobile ecosystem to run smoothly. The increased awareness among the people and the lucrative perks have put light on a less-known yet important player – The Scrap Car Dealer!

Fraud – be it for anything, is a factor that has made people vulnerable, and they think twice before dealing with even the most minor things. So, nowadays, if customers wish to scrap a vehicle, earn some quick cash, avail of other benefits, having access to an authorized car scrap dealer is a must criteria. The illegitimate dealers are damaging to both – people and nature. Why? Well, an illicit scrap car dealer can expose people to risks like – lack of paperwork, dishonest and illegal activities, unsafe disposal of hazardous waste, etc. No one would like to fall into such a trap that has nothing but serious problems.

By now, you must have realized why it is crucial to maintain a sense of trust in people while they are dealing with their scrap vehicles. All of this seems overwhelming and leaves you wondering how can I be that scrap car dealer whom people trust? Ah! Scrap Yard India understands you and is here to solve your problem. Yes, you read that right. Allow us to explain why you should choose us as your car scrap dealer and why we are the right choice. Let’s dive in without further ado. 

Why Trust Scrap Yard India as Your Scrap Car Dealer Setup Partner

At Scrap Yard India, we give it our 100% to fix something that is unsound/wrong. We follow a hybrid approach where we cater to – 

Scrap Vehicle Owners – by creating a safe way to get rid of their old scrap vehicles

Scrapyard Owners (SME’s) – through our Scrapyard Management Services (SYIMS) and other aid

Legal Authorities – who are trying to fix crises like pollution control and traffic congestion

Our business solutions have helped authorized scrapyard dealers maintain transparency, accountability, and consistency in operating their yards throughout. We are focused, committed to providing robust solutions for the ‘Vehicle Scrapping Industry’ and strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. Over the years, our team has recognized the importance of innovative, advanced, and cutting edge technologies and helped businesses associated with us lay a strong foundation for themselves. 

SYI’s Franchisee Program gives business owners/car scrap dealers the opportunity to establish a more profitable, rewarding, and successful venture. By partnering with our venture, you get access to our extensive range of premium quality products. From installing certified de-pollution equipment to streamlining the whole Process – we help you do it all seamlessly, in the right way. Not only that, we have got you covered on the digital outreach front too. Allow us to tell you some more interesting facts about us to strengthen your trust further. 

Scrap Yard India’s USPS 

  • We make Scrapping smart
  • We make Metal Recycling convenient
  • We make Vehicle Depollution easy

Scrap Yard India’s Services

We understand the importance of a profitable process and the challenges of a sustainable Industrial environment. So we not only believe in promoting our products but also providing pro-active services effortlessly, at the comfort of your home. Here’s a quick sneak peek at what SYI has to offer.

  1. Planning

We know how significant it is to have a solid plan before taking a major step in making any business a success. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to help you lay a strong foundation for your venture. They will help you come up with a robust plan by beginning with targeting customers and sales projections. They will also provide you with – 

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Site Suitability Analysis
  • Layout and Building Plan
  • Environmental Plan, and so on
  1. Procurement

Our products come with the advantage of you having access to cutting-edge, world-class equipment and machinery. As per your requirement, we will help you with the product selection that best fits your needs. The Procurement team at SYI ensures that you get a hold of only the best technologically advanced equipment. You name the equipment, and we will deliver it to your doorstep. We believe in easing our customer’s difficulties and are committed to providing A-Class services throughout. 

Your Satisfaction = Our Happiness!

  1. Installation

Installing complex and heavy machinery/equipment seems to be a hell of a task, right? Well, when Scarp Yard India is here, why do you fear! We have a dedicated team that will not only help in safe and secure transportation of the equipment but also in installing them with utmost attention and care. 

Right from a Single Product to a Complete Depollution System, we ensure to install environment-friendly equipment at ease. We also adhere to the legal, regulatory requirements laid down by the Government of India to set up such products. Keeping you out of trouble is our aim.

Happy You = Happy Us!

  1. Training

We won’t leave you hanging by just installing the equipment. We want you to be completely tension-free when it comes to using our products. To make the experience impeccable, our well-trained, expert Engineers will help you understand everything – from machine controls to operating systems. You will also be provided with first-hand manuals to get through the learning process without a hitch

Your Learning, Growth, and Success = Our Success!

  1. Production

With such a fantastic opportunity at hand and the bright foreseeable future of the vehicle scrapping sector, we don’t want you to just invest in our products. Instead, we want you to invest in a process. SYI will help you build a Production Plant and set up Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs.) With a fully streamlined structure, monitoring the production activities will be easier, leading to a sustainable work environment and maximized profits.

You earn Profits = We stay Content!

  1. Compliance

In a nation like India, every sector needs to abide by the rules and regulations set up by the law. As per the Government Policies for RVSF/AVSF, there are many regulatory norms and conditions that vehicle scrapping business owners require to comply with. Scrap Yard India offers consultation in this area. We will help you understand and maintain the –

  • Applicable Laws
  • Statutory Documentation
  • Filing Process, and more

Scrap Yard India’s Products

We have a complete, comprehensive range of powerful machinery and equipment for End of Life Vehicle Recycling. All our products are manufactured using world-class technology certified by European Union. We ensure that our products are not only legally compliant but also maximize your profits from ELVs. On the other hand, we guarantee that our products will increase your productivity by multiple folds. 

Our Technical Collaborations with Taurus, Italy, and AutoDrain, UK, gives you an additional benefit of having access to 30 years of expertise and knowledge in Scrap Vehicle Recycling Processes!

Scrap Yard India’s Management Solutions (SYIMS)

SYI’s Management Solutions (SYIMS) is a step towards building ‘Smart Scrapyards for the Smart Generation’ and will help you stay way ahead in the competition. To scrap a vehicle, SYI’s Inventory and Accounting Business Solutions will be a great choice. Why? Well, we will provide you with a plan to – decrease operational expenses and overcome financial complexities. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Making the right decisions requires an investment of time and research. If the above information wasn’t enough, we are happy to guide you more. Please consult one of our experts today and discover some new avenues for diversification!

About Scrap Yard India 

From Planning, Procurement, and Installation to Training, Production, and Compliance – we do it all! The team at Scrap Yard India aims to take the overall vehicle recycling game to the next level. We moved ahead in our journey with a motive to build a sustainable environment and to make people aware of how a legitimate vehicle scrapping process can help them save energy and obviously a good amount of money. 

SYI has been trusted by its customers for being a reliable platform to get quality products and services without any compromise. Our transparency in scrap vehicle handling and promotion of the safe operating practice has further helped us gain trust and strengthen our roots.

Scrap Yard India is India’s 1st algorithm-based digital platform for the Valuation and Sale of Scrap Vehicles and ELVs. Over the years, we have successfully helped PAN India citizens to get their vehicles scrapped seamlessly. Now getting an instant valuation of your scrap vehicle is just a few clicks away with our “Free Evaluation Tool.” 

To book a consultation with us or to understand more about the process of setting up a legitimate vehicle scrapping business, get in touch with us today.

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!

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