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Benefits of the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy for the Environment in India

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After the official announcement of the “New Vehicle Scrappage Policy” by the government of India, this topic has been the talk of the town. In our previous articles, we have briefly talked about the perks that scrap vehicle owners will enjoy. Well, let us tell you that the New Vehicle Scrappage policy entails environmental benefits too. Vehicle Scrapping in India had been unorganized for a long time. However, with recent efforts by the government, it can be undoubtedly said that in the environmentally woke world, India is not lagging. 

If you ever wonder – should I scrap my car, don’t let that doubt make you miss out on the golden opportunity. It is guaranteed that you will earn cash for your trash (scrap vehicle)

But what adds a feather to the cap is – you will help mother earth nurture and grow. When such a generous deed can be done with minimal effort, why not do it, right!? Still, have some questions popping in your head? Team SYI understands your genuine concerns and queries. That is why we want to take you through the benefits that your actions will render to make mother earth a better place. 

Together, let’s uncover the benefits of the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy, Scrap Car Recycling, and much more right away!

Benefits to the Environment – New Vehicle Scrappage Policy in India

With the much-awaited vehicle scrappage in place, the Indian government has hit many targets with one arrow. The legal entities have taken the right foot forward and aimed to reduce the environmental harms caused by ELVs (End-of-Life Vehicles). The future of Vehicle Scrapping in India looks brighter than ever. Why? Well, more than 21 billion vehicles will reach the end of their useful life by the year 2025. This will pave the way for adequate scrap car recycling while taking care of environmental concerns. 

We won’t keep you waiting more; let’s discover the benefits that the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy entails for the environment right away!

Reduction of Air Pollution Levels

India, being a nation with a vast population, has many vehicles running down the road. The government has made an effort and spread awareness from time to time concerning the use of public transport more. However, in a liberal nation, no one can be forced to comply with such initiatives. The New Vehicle Policy will prove to be more effective in achieving the goals of curbing air pollution to an extent. How? 

Well, the End-of-Life vehicles that pollute the air will have to undergo a fitness test. Failing it would result in mandatorily taking your scrap vehicle off the roads. You must be wondering – what will happen if I don’t scrap my car? A suggestion from SYI’s team is – discard that thought immediately! Not complying with the legal orders will accompany hefty penalties. We don’t think you would like that. 

So be Fair and get Better Quality Air!!

Substantial Reduce in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A typical vehicle – personal or commercial emits a fair amount of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) gas. This adds to the overall greenhouse gas emissions, creating more critical problems. The amount of gas emitted depends on factors like – vehicle’s condition, vehicle’s fuel, miles driven per year, and so on. 

For instance, the leaking air conditioner of your scrap vehicles emits other harmful gases like Methane, Nitrous Oxide in addition to Carbon Dioxide. Such emissions impact the environment badly, and the side effects have been seen in the form of Global Warming. 

The New Vehicle Scrappage Policy aims to curb such emissions. So, don’t you think that taking the ELV’s off the roads is a better option? Some of you might think – if I don’t scrap my car (ELV), it shouldn’t have that much of an impact on the environment. Believe us, even the slightest effect adds to a bigger problem. Don’t add to the problem, instead –

Do Your Part with an Open Heart!!

Reduction of Metal Scrap Pollution

The New Vehicle Policy encourages metal recycling. Scrap Metal Recycling / Car Recycling helps in reducing air pollution. How? Well, the amount of energy required to make new materials from scrap metal is less compared to making them from scratch. Car recycling also reduces carbon emissions and the amount of metal scrap that ends up in landfills. This dual benefit further helps in reducing soil pollution.

Last but not least, car recycling helps in producing various metals and can help in subsequently decreasing the dependency on ore mining operations. This way, the natural habitat remains untouched. Sounds like a win-win scenario to us; what about you?

Reduce Pollution and help in Mother Earth’s Depollution!!

Systematic, Scientific Recycling – Less Environmental Damage

Vehicle Scrapping in India will be more organized in the coming time. The new policy outlines the guidelines for scrapping unfit vehicles. Additionally, it entails provisions for authorized scrapping facilities for the safe and secure disposal of scrap waste and metal recovery. By taking this crucial step, the government of India has yet again put the right foot forward. This effort will lead to building an organized infrastructure for the scientific scrapping of the ELVs.

Let’s Make an Effort to Grow Together – with the Environment!!

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

The burning of fossil fuels like Diesel and Gasoline releases CO2 into the mother earth’s atmosphere. The accumulation and build-up of CO2 over time have led to drastic climate change. Apparently, private as well as commercial vehicles emit a considerable amount of carbon gases. One of the ways of cutting carbon is – scrap car recycling. Yes, you read that right. Through the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy, an initiative has been taken by the government of India to encourage people to scrap their unfit vehicles and enjoy various perks. Again, it’s a stepping stone to success for the Indian Government to reduce the carbon footprint in the nation and make use of renewable resources.

When you are Benefitting, why not Benefit the Environment for Free!

We know you may have many more things going on in your head. Having questions is quite natural. Hope here you will find the answers you are looking for.

FAQs – New Vehicle Scrappage Policy

Q: Is there an age limit to discard a scrap vehicle? How do I know if it’s the right time?

A: Yes, there is. As per India’s New Vehicle Scrappage Policy, the age limit to discard a commercial vehicle is 15 years, and a private vehicle is 20 years. A Fitness Test is mandatory for such vehicles.

Q: Will owning a scrap vehicle be costly in India?

A: First, you will need to get your scrap vehicle ready for a fitness test. If the results are not satisfactory, you will have to get rid of your old companion. Failure to abide by the already set rules and regulations will attract hefty penalties. So, a more feasible and safer option is to bid goodbye to your scrap vehicle and earn cash in return.

Q: What is the fundamental aim of the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy in India?

A: The main objective of this policy is to phase out the unfit vehicles off the road, reduce vehicular pollution, improve road safety, meet the crucial climate commitments and improve fuel efficiency. Additionally, it aims to formalize Vehicle Scrapping in India. Overall, the automobile sector as a whole will open a pathway to immense growth opportunities. 

Q: Is the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy applicable for Diesel and Petrol Vehicles?

A: The answer is affirmative (Yes). There will be no discrimination between Diesel/Petrol vehicles.

Q: How will the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy lead to better and safer roads?

A: Scrapping old vehicles now comes with various perks. The latest vehicles give vehicle owners an upper hand in ensuring their safety as they come with superior safety-based technology. The new models comply with the environmental laws, too, leading to safer and  pollution-free roads.

By barring the old, polluting, unfit vehicles from plying on the roads, India’s New Vehicle Scrappage Policy will keep the environment cleaner and safer!

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