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Do’s and Don’ts for Your End of Life Vehicle Recycling

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Did you know that earlier, most of the old vehicles that reached the End of Life were treated as just discarded materials? Often, such vehicles ended up being in a stockpile or left abandoned in inadequately managed scrap yards. But due to the sense of awakening and awareness among the people, gone are the days when End of Life Vehicle Recycling wasn’t even taken into consideration. Now, active efforts are being taken even by the government to make vehicle scrapping in India more efficient. 

However, metal recycling accompanies responsibilities like public health, and financial, environmental burdens. Not only are these vehicles an eyesore and liability for the local communities, but the End of Life Vehicle Recycling process endangers both – human health and nature. Well, all thanks to improved tools, equipment, facilities, and knowledge, now metal recycling has become less hazardous and can also provide attractive incentives. Yes, you read that right!

Measures have been taken to reduce air pollution by 25-30% by getting rid of the ELVs with an additional benefit of road safety. Also, vehicle scrapping in India with registered and authorized scrapping facilities has enabled the nation to manage hazardous waste and threats appropriately. Practicing environmentally sound management of End of Life Vehicle Recycling has paved the way for humans to return some favors to mother nature (for a change!)

Purpose of Metal Recycling – End of Life Vehicle Recycling 

Knowing how to dismantle, scrap, store, handle, and dispose of the wastes from metal recycling is the need of the hour. By getting rid of the hazardous materials from the End of Life Vehicle Recycling process, one can ensure recovery of valuable resources. Additionally, mitigating public health, worker safety, and environmental risks also become feasible with such practices. By educating the masses and training the working staff at authorized scraping facilities, the market players can remove ELVs and provide economic, aesthetic, and environmental benefits to the nation.

The vehicle scrapping in India picked up pace in recent years. With the new scrappage policy in place and the lucrative incentives, people are willing to make some efforts to get rid of their ELVs. Some perks include a road tax rebate of 15-20%, a discount from manufacturers on the purchase of a new vehicle using the scrapping certificate of the old vehicle, etc. All such benefits are also being provided to ensure road safety, environmental safety, and appropriate handling of metal recycling.

Do’s and Don’ts of End of Life Vehicle Recycling

By now, you must have realized the importance of End of Life Vehicle Recycling. Are you having second thoughts about keeping the old vehicle running? Ah! Don’t even think of it. As per the new rules, you may end up paying hefty fines. We believe that no one would want that. 

Many of you wouldn’t know how to get rid of your ELVs as you wouldn’t have done it ever before. We are aware of your hesitation, and that is why Scrap Yard India is here to your aid. Allow us to guide you further and make you familiar with some significant factors that should be considered when you need to discard your ELVs.

If you own an ELV, and now is the time to discard it responsibly, the following guide will definitely help you. Let’s get started!


  • Never, we repeat, NEVER take cash payment for scrap cars as it is illegal. So, steer clear of such scrap dealers.
  • Get your vehicle scrapped anywhere that is not an RVSF/AVSF (Registered Vehicle Scrap Facility/Authorized Vehicle Scrap Facility)
  • Fail to inform the RTO authorities about taking your scrap vehicle at an RVSF/AVSF. 
  • Forget to inform the RTO that your vehicle is off the road.
  • Refrain from keeping any parts of your scrapping vehicle.
  • If you want to keep some parts of your vehicle, it should be either kept in a garage, on a private or drive land. Again, informing the vehicle regulatory authorities is mandatory. Failure to do so will result in hefty fines.
  • Do not forget to obtain a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) from your chosen RVSF/AVSF.


  • Make sure to keep your personal details confidential. Some ID proofs will be required, so just share the necessary documents only with RVSF/AVSF and not otherwise.
  • Reclaim your remaining car tax using the necessary forms (Form DT and RTO Form 16)
  • Provide your chosen RVSF/AVSF with your vehicle log book, however; keep the yellow slip from within it for yourself.
  • Get in touch with your car insurer seeking a refund or any opportunity to get a credit insurance policy for another alternative vehicle.
  • Apply to the RTO office if you wish to secure and use your ELV’s registration number for another vehicle. 
  • Get a Certificate of Deposit and Certificate of Vehicle Scrapping from RVSF/AVSF.
  • Also, ensure to get the Certificate of Destruction delivered to you within 7 working days. In case of any delays, please follow up with your chosen ATF. 

Risk of Scrapping Your Vehicle with Unauthorized Scrap Traders

Lack of PaperWork – Difficulty in having a proper paper and status trail of your scrap vehicle

Dishonest Activities – Leading to use of illegal ELVs on the road

Illegal Activities – Leading to harassment of the registered vehicle owner

Unsafe Disposal – Inadequate handling of hazardous scrap waste

Be Alert and save yourself from falling into the vehicle-scrapping trap. For more information about how to get your vehicle scrapped without a hitch, contact Scrap Yard India today!

About Scrap Yard India 

Scrap Yard India is India’s 1st algorithm-based digital platform for the Valuation and Sale of Scrap Vehicles and ELVs. Now getting an instant valuation of your scrap vehicle is just a few clicks away with our “Free Evaluation Tool.”

The team at SYI aims to take the overall vehicle recycling game to the next level. We moved ahead in our journey with a motive to build a sustainable environment and to make people aware of how a legitimate vehicle scrapping process can help them save energy and obviously a good amount of money. Over the years, we have successfully helped PAN India citizens to get their vehicles scrapped seamlessly. 

SYI has been trusted by its customers for being a reliable platform to locate Registered/Authorized Vehicle Scrap Facilities (RVSF/AVSF) all across India. Our transparency in scrap vehicle handling and promotion of the safe operating practice has further helped us gain trust and strengthen our roots.

We understand the importance of a profitable process and the challenges of a sustainable Industrial environment. So we not only believe in promoting our products but also providing pro-active services effortlessly, at the comfort of your home.

To book a consultation with us or to understand more about the scraping process of your ELVs, get in touch with us today.

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!

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