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Know Why Every Abandoned Scrap Vehicle is a Silent Environmental Threat

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Many of you treat your scrap vehicle as a prized possession and would be hesitant to let it go. Every person would have a different reason to defend themselves. Some would let it occupy their parking lot or garage space and wouldn’t do anything about it. Some people would say they can still drive their old car and it’s more than enough. Yes, there is no doubt that with a few tweaks here and there, it will keep running on the road. But, for a moment, try keeping those reasons aside and think if it’s a wise choice to hold on to a scrap vehicle? Does it serve the same purpose as before? Is it not dangerous to drive that old, rusted, frequently repaired car? 

We believe you know “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Climate change is one such example that is undeniable. The actions of humans are getting an equal, opposite response from nature. Things done in the past can’t be undone. However, it is possible to make the right decisions today for a better environment for years to come. Today, SYI is here to present some eye-opening facts so that people understand that junk cars are nothing but HIGHLY TOXIC. 

Reasons Why an Abandoned Scrap Vehicle is a Silent Environmental Threat

Cars definitely convey a sense of style, status, movement, freedom, right? But in the present circumstances, you shouldn’t only think about yourself. Mother nature is getting deteriorated day by day. One of the prominent reasons for this is your scrap vehicle! Be it in any form – running or abandoned; a scrap vehicle needs to be dealt with utmost care. Junk cars are like the evil in the dark that spread the venom silently. Here is some proof of what has been said!

Leakage of Hazardous Chemical Substances

Your scrap vehicle contains hazardous chemicals in the form of fluids, coolant, paint, acids, oil, etc. An abandoned scrap vehicle that starts aging releases these dangerous substances into the surrounding environment. You wouldn’t even notice but slowly, the toxic materials strat seeping into the ground. The liquid in the form of oil can lead to a “chemical seal.” This, in turn, hindrances the entrance of oxygen into the ground affecting the survival of underground organisms.

If you keep your scrap vehicle in the garage, the highly reactive chemicals also affect the concrete walls, floor, etc. Any person exposed to such places can get ill too. We know that anyone wouldn’t want their near and dear ones to suffer. In the same way, people should start thinking about the various ecosystems that co-exist in nature. If you can selflessly care for your family, you can do it for mother nature too. 

Runoff Toxic Waste Leads to Water Pollution

The repercussions of that abandoned scrap vehicle are not just limited to the intoxicating ground. In fact, the contaminated soil further affects various aspects of the connected ecosystems. Harmful products like oil, acids, gasoline, fluids, chlorofluorocarbons, etc., find a way to enter water bodies too. Water systems of lakes, rivers, ponds, dams, etc., get contaminated easily. These pollutants drastically affect the aquatic ecosystem. Firstly, the oxygen level in water depletes because of organic compounds in gasoline and oil. Secondly, in the presence of oil compounds, the aquatic plants starve due to a lack of penetration of sufficient light.

This is worrisome because the contamination of water bodies is perfectly capable of making humans sick. If this toxic water is ingested by the cats, dogs in the surrounding areas, they may even die. 

Any Scrap Vehicle is a Major Contributor to Air Pollution

As most old cars are not made using advanced technology, they emit more carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the air. The older your car gets, the more trouble it creates. The worn-up engine’s efficiency in burning the fuel in the required ratio drastically reduces. When carbon compounds get mixed with air, they harm the atmosphere really quickly. All this adds to the prevailing problems of global warming and so on. 

A small part like an abandoned car’s tire also poses a great danger to the environment. When left exposed, they often catch fire and release harmful particles into the atmosphere. Even the chlorofluorocarbon compounds present in a car can prove to be lethal. The polluted air can damage the lungs – aggravating respiratory infections in humans as well as animals. 

Problems do have solutions right? Below are some ways to deal with your scrap vehicle, read them yourself!

Simple Solutions to Deal with an Abandoned Scrap Vehicle

By now, you must have got an idea of how a scrap vehicle affects mother nature in multiple ways. We know that this is worrisome. However, the best way to deal with such a scenario is to seek help from an authorized Car Scrap Dealer. Here are some strong reasons to do so.

– An authorized Car Scrap Dealer conducts the process of car recycling with utmost care as they are liable to follow all the environmental laws. Defaulters are fined hefty amounts. So there is no reason that any Car Scrap Dealer will follow ill practices.

– Car recycling benefits mother nature in various ways. Firstly, the toxic chemicals are prevented from seeping into the soil, water, or mixing with air. Secondly, the burden on natural resources is reduced. Recycled steel from scrap vehicles can be used instead of mining it from scratch.

– Old Car Selling will fill your pockets with that extra cash. A legit Car Scrap Dealer will offer you the best price for your scrap vehicle. Some of them also provide tools for old car valuation. They even take care of the entire process – from picking up your scrap vehicle, car recycling to availing you of the required certificates. 

– Old Car Selling in India also makes you eligible to get attractive incentives. You can enjoy perks like – a rebate on road tax, a discount on the purchase of a new car, and so on.

We want you to be a decision-maker and not a silent spectator. Above was our attempt at doing so. Mother nature rightfully deserves to heal and nurture, so come and do your bit with SYI!

How can Scrap Yard India Help?

We care for the environment as we care for you. The damage that your abandoned scrap vehicle does can not be ignored. So, instead of letting your car rot in your parking lot, garage, or any other space – sell it to us. SYI has been recognized as a trusted Car Scrap Dealer in India. We set foot in this business line many years ago. Since then, we have promoted the practice of scrapping junk vehicles that includes car recycling as well.  

The process of old car selling at SYI is simple and easy. Our Old Car Valuation Tool allows you to determine the right value of your scrap vehicle. Accordingly, we arrange to pick up your car, pay you, and get rid of it in an environmentally-friendly manner. A part of our impeccable service includes keeping the entire process transparent and availing people of the required certificates. All this is done while you sit at the comfort of your home and enjoy the money made from the proceedings of old car selling.  

That abandoned scrap vehicle deserves a farewell at the right time. So, Contact the experts at SYI today to initiate the process!

A message from SYI’s team – Reduce, Recycle, Repeat!!!


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