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New Vehicle Scrappage Policy – Benefits Announced by PM Narendra Modi

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On 13th Aug 2021, at the Investor Summit in Gujarat, PM Narendra Modi virtually launched the “National Automobile Scrappage Policy.” This is yet another significant milestone in India’s development journey. The Vehicle Scrapping Infrastructure set up by Investor Summit in Gujarat has opened a dynamic range of possibilities. PM Narendra Modi said that this policy would provide a “New Identity” to India’s Auto Sector. Keeping in mind the “Waste-to-Wealth” mission, he urged the youth and startups to join this programme and create a viable circular economy while being environmentally possible. 

The next 25 years will bring significant changes in our day-to-day lives due to the advancement in technology. Hence, the government’s effort is to ensure that this development phase is – Sustainable and Environment-friendly.

Let’s see how everyone will benefit from the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy and contribute to making mother earth a better place.

What does the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy bring to the Table?

The New Vehicle Scrappage Policy has been put forth with a motive to phase out polluting and unfit vehicles in an environment-friendly manner. This policy will not only help in reducing the pollution from cities but also reflect the government’s commitment towards rapid development. The Central Government of India has taken this step intending to make India – Clean, Congestion-free, and for Convenient Mobility. This effort will play a huge role in removing the unfit vehicles from the road and bring a positive change in not just the auto sector but in all the sectors. 

While launching the National Automobile Scrappage Policy, the PM listed out 5 ways that will prove to be really beneficial for the common man and lead the country a step closer towards “Atmanirbhar Bharat.” Let’s go through the list step by step without further ado.

  • A “Certificate” will be issued to ensure that an individual doesn’t need to pay the registration fees while purchasing a new car. 
  • The individuals opting to scrap their old car will be eligible to get a discount on road tax. 
  • Anyone who scraps their old car will automatically benefit as they will save considerable money spent on maintenance, repair, fuel of the vehicle. This step will also benefit the country as it will help in the reduction of oil import costs.
  • If you scrap a vehicle that is unfit, you will escape from serious mishaps. The reason being such cars are unsafe and pose a threat to not only their occupants but also other road users.
  • Additionally, your vehicle will be scrapped not only because it is old. Fitness tests done at vehicle scrappage centers will determine the conclusion. To scrap a vehicle, appropriate scientific methods will be followed, and hence, individuals will indirectly contribute to pollution reduction.

Other Reasons that Add a Feather to the Cap 

  • The New Vehicle Scrappage Policy will bring investment worth more than 10,000 crores. 
  • In the entire process, it will also create employment opportunities for thousands of people in India.
  • Efficient recycling of metals such as copper, aluminum, steel, etc., will be possible. This will also have a positive impact on import reduction.
  • With the potential of recycling around 99% of materials used in vehicles, the cost of raw materials is estimated to drop by at least 40%.
  • Furthermore, there is a possibility of deriving materials required for local production of lithium-ion batteries (used in Electric Vehicles) from the vehicle scrapping process. This could help in driving the extensive growth of the EV business.
  • Recycling will also impact the Vehicle Manufacturers – with the availability of cheaper components.
  • It will create a greener motoring experience with cleaner air.
  • To provide a hassle-free experience, the government-certified fitness centers will provide online vehicle fitness reports to individuals. 

Summing it all, the New Vehicle Scrappage Policy is splendid news for India’s Auto Sector as well as the whole nation.

Why should One Scrap their Old/Unfit Vehicle?

The policy also mandates scrapping old commercial and private vehicles (older than 15 and 20 years respectively) if they fail the fitness tests. If you’re wondering what will be the consequences of not scrapping your unfit vehicle, we have a straightforward answer for you. The registration of the vehicles that skip undergoing the fitness test will be automatically canceled. Individuals will have to face substantial penalties; the vehicles could be impounded/seized too. We believe that no one would want to be a part of such a scenario.

To make you more aware, we have something that you can give a quick read to. Here know more about why you should evaluate and scrap your old / End-of-Life-Vehicle and how you can gain lucrative incentives while doing so.

With us, grab the opportunity, escape the illegal trap, and scrap!

How can Scrap Yard India Help?

Scrap Yard India began its operation with a motive to take the vehicle recycling game to the next level. Our team has focused on building a sustainable environment through a legitimate scrapping process. We offer a Free Evaluation Tool that will help you evaluate your vehicle – in just a few clicks.

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